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Best Okanagan Wine Club

Best Okanagan Wine Club


So you’ve decided you want to sign up to the Best Okanagan Wine Club, but don’t know where to start. There are many things to consider, and we’re here to highlight some significant benefits when deciding which Okanagan winery membership is best for you. 

With hundreds (literally, hundreds) of wineries and, therefore, wine clubs in the Okanagan Valley, spanning from north to south, the decision on which wineries to visit is overwhelming enough, let alone signing up for a yearly membership at your Best Okanagan Wine Club. The best place to start is by exploring the wineries on an incredible wine tour, where you can collect the information you need and ask some questions, and of course, tasting the wines you may be committing to. 

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Let’s break it down. When deciding which winery (or wineries) to go with could depend on whether you are local or out of town or province. Having exclusive access to specific wines that you can only get by being a member is enough to get the dotted line signed for many wine lovers.

Options! Some people like options with their wine(s), and others like the element of surprise. Consider the options available with your membership when selecting your Best Okanagan Wine Club. Are there tiered levels, i.e., “Gold” consists of the winery’s higher-profile wines, while “Silver” has their more “everyday” wines? Perhaps you want an all-white wine or all red wine or mix of both. Having the option to pick the bottles that go into your shipment(s) is extremely important to some and not to others – it all depends on your individual preference. A great example of a winery that offers flexibility and choice to cater the shipment to your specific needs would be Ex Nihilo Vineyards

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Deep Roots Winery Club Pack

DISCOUNT! DISCOUNT! DISCOUNT! Who doesn’t love a discount on wines? The number one (other than liking the wines) thing people look for before committing to a membership at their Best Okanagan Wine Club is the discount. Many wineries in the Okanagan offer a discount to wine members on their shipments and additional wine, but (big but) don’t assume all do. The ones that do offer a discount become pretty standard at a 15% one. To name a few wineries that do offer a discount are Lang Vineyards along the Naramata Bench (15%), Hidden Chapel winery in Oliver (10-15%), and Gray Monk Estate Winery in Lake Country (15%) with the bonus of being able to use that discount in The Lookout Restaurant! The most impressive one comes in at 20% off at Priest Creek Family Estate Winery, including wine club orders, future wine purchases, and merchandise.

Some people live for events – well, will live for them (post Covid). Do you like attending exclusive events? The majority of Okanagan wineries have some sort of event(s). Whether it’s a “pick up party” for your wine club shipment or an annual event to say thank you. These events can range from simple cheese and wine to more elaborate ones. If you have a favourite winery, live close to it, and love events, this might be your tipping point when selecting your Best Okanagan Wine Club.

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Okanagan Wine Country

It is no secret that the Okanagan Valley is a Canadian wine country. Many wineries have multiple properties throughout the valley. If you are considering a winery that you know has other winery locations, it’s probably worthwhile to ask if you can get some of the benefits (or at least free tastings) at those wineries. For example, Mission Hill Family Estate Winery in West Kelowna has other locations in Kelowna and down to Oliver/Osoyoos Wine Country. Another one is Gray Monk, which Peller Estates from Ontario owns. Suppose you’re local and enjoy traveling through the wine region. In that case, this is a benefit worth considering as tasting fees can quickly add up, and this leaves extra funds for purchasing additional wines.

Ask the winery you are looking at what the commitment is, i.e., one year, one shipment, etc. Is it a six-bottle per order or 12? Some wineries allow you to get out of your membership after your first order and others don’t. Reading the fine print will help you understand things like this better, as well as if there is a membership fee. 

If you are from out of town or province, a significant deciding factor might be free shipping. If you’ve ordered and paid for 6-12 bottles a few times a year, isn’t it nice to know if the winery can provide free shipping! 

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Cedar Creek Winery

As you decide on the Best Okangan Wine Club for you, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be just one benefit that hooks you. Having a combination of benefits and maybe making some compromises could be the best option for you. Not everyone will want the same things out of a wine club membership; it’s all up to you. 

Ready to discover the best wineries and Best Okanagan Wine Club that’s suited to you? Enjoy the Okanagan Valley Wine Region in an airconditioned vehicle where all you have to do is sip wine, ask questions, and enjoy the view.  With multiple wine tours to choose from, we’re confident you’ll find a winery where you want to join their membership. The hardest part will be deciding if you go with just one Best Okanagan Wine Club for you!