E-Biking Myra Canyon

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E-Biking Myra Canyon

E-Biking Myra Canyon

E-Biking Myra Canyon is on every Okanagan Must Do List! With over 75,000 visitors each year, a visit to Myra Canyon should be on your “Must Do List, too. While the trails through the Myra Canyon can be traveled on a regular bike, adding an E-Bike brings this adventure to the next level! The trail goes from Kelowna, BC to Penticton, BC (roughly 80km); through stunning mountain landscapes and lookouts and is ideal for E-bikes! For those looking for a shorter adventure, we recommend a more leisurely cruise by enjoying the initial 12km (24km roundtrip), which is also the most popular for tourists.

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E-Biking Myra Canyon

What’s an E-bike adventure along Myra Canyon without a bit of history. The Myra Canyon is the canyon where part of the Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) ran through—built in the early 1900s, 1914 is when construction began. The brilliant engineering mind of Andrew McCulloch built the railway to transport minerals and lumber to ports, such as Vancouver, BC. It operated as a railway for almost 60 years, from 1915-1972. The entire Kettle Valley Railway is approximately 650km, spanning from the Okanagan & Similkameen region down to Southern BC.

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Myra Canony Rail Trestle

This bike trail is perfect for all experience levels, and many choose to walk it instead of biking – we don’t…we say E-bike it! The wide and flat path makes it ideal for even the tiny humans in the family. Although 24kms may seem like a long trek, it definitely won’t on a high-powered E-bike. Throughout the ride, you will go over 18 trestles and through 2 tunnels, taking in expansive views of Kelowna and Okanagan Lake, not to mention endless sites of orchards and vineyards. After all, you are in wine country!

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Even with incredible history and breathtaking views, it’s impossible to miss the destruction that remains of the 2003 Firestorm that burned over 250 square kilometers and destroyed over 200 homes. For Kelowna residents, it was a devastating time in history. Previous to the fires, the Kettle Valley Railway was declared a Historic Site. As a result of it being Historic, government funding was available. With such funding and loads of volunteers, the historic site was fully restored and reopened in 2008.

E-Biking Myra Canyon is free and open year-round to visitors and is a quick and beautiful 40-minute drive from Kelowna. The Okanagan is well-known for its hot weather, and although the canyon is a bit cooler than being in town, it can still be quite hot. It’s best to E-bike the trail in the morning to avoid the afternoon temperatures, as most of the path is in the direct sun. Each Vivid E-bike rental comes with a bottle of water, but you’ll want to pack extra, along with sunscreen – hydration is critical. Feel like taking your time? Pack a little picnic and stop at one of the many scenic lookouts to have lunch and soak in all the beauty. 

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Points of interest? As you E-Bike Myra Canyon on your E-bike, about one KM before Trestle #1, you can see what was once a rock oven used to bake bread for the crew building the railway back in 1914. Along the route, be sure to stop at the information centres and learn more about the history, wildlife, and landscape. 

Ready to start your E-bike adventure at Myra Canyon? We hope so because we are ready to get you rolling. Each Vivid E-Bike rental comes with a safety briefing, an E-bike helmet, a bottle of water (as mentioned above, bring extra), a first aid kit, hand sanitizer, and a day you’ll never forget! Reserve your E-Bike adventure here and let’s get ready for a day E-Biking Myra Canyon