Gneiss Wines

Welcome to Gneiss Wines. Being raised in the Okanagan and being involved in the South Okanagan Wine industry we have all participated in different capacities in the journey from early days, across 3 generations of families to build out this incredible valley with our wine friends

As Matt started talking about the District Wine village, we were on board with the concept out of the gate and eager to help bring it to fruition. We believe this is a great fit for the South Okanagan where wine country really comes to life. At Gneiss Wines, our partners all share a passion for wine in many different capacities, but most of all sharing a great local wine with good friends and family!

Being able to work hand in hand with many small artisan producers to create unique and innovative small lot wines in a South Okanagan destination while providing experiences for wine consumers in an integrated local wine, beer and spirits destination as we continue to build on the evolution of our agricultural region.

Our current 2021 Gneiss Wines releases include Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Rose and our New world style Bordeaux blend, Pendulum.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the District Wine Village this summer!


Tasting Room

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