Maverick Estate Winery

Maverick Estate Winery has four vineyards are all located on hot and sunny, southeast facing slopes in the southernmost part of British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. The area boasts an extremely dry climate, geologically young soil, and more consistent hours of summer sunlight than anywhere else in Canada. Summer temperatures that exceed 30°C (86°F) almost every day through July and August combine with cool nighttime lows around harvest to support the concentration of sugars and complex berry flavors. These prime grape-growing conditions are made possible because the area is Canada’s only desert.

At Maverick Estate Winery, we believe the better the grapes, the better the wine. Balanced wines can only come from balanced soil. For that reason, we leverage both nature and science to nurture the health of our vineyard soil. From improving the microbial activity to increasing our soil’s water holding capacity to moving away from the use of conventional chemicals, we are constantly working to support our soil’s ability to grow great vines.

The majority of Maverick Estate Winery’s vineyard acres consist of well-drained, coarse, gravelly glaciofluvial deposits, with the lowest areas having a higher concentration of fine-textured sediment and silt.

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