Priest Creek Family Estate Winery

Priest Creek Family Estate Winery was founded through Darren and Jane’s wish to raise their children on a vineyard, bringing them back to their farming roots. The name Priest Creek was chosen to pay tribute to the heritage of the land. This Estate was part of a parcel of land farmed by the Mission in the mid 1800’s. Priest Creek runs behind the property and runs into Mission Creek where it is said Father Pandosy planted the first grapes in the valley for wine.

We have an amazing team making wines at Priest Creek. Jason Parkes is the esteemed head winemaker and consultant for Priest Creek Family Estate Winery. Jason, a Canadian self-taught winemaker from Kitimat, British Columbia, and his team at Jason Parkes Customs produce a wide range of varietals and blends. The non interventionist techniques behind these award winning wines include marginal and mild pressing, using specialized yeasts, profuse and manual punching of musts and employing 100% gravity flow. Jason and his team’s strong work ethic and dedication to producing high quality wines that fit perfectly within the portfolio designed for Priest Creek Family Estate Winery.

Priest Creek Family Estate Winery is a featured stop along our East Kelowna Wine Tour and the Lakeshore Wines Route


Tasting Room

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