Salt & Brick

Salt & Brick is truly Kelowna’s Most Unique Culinary Experience. Salt & Brick features a Fresh Sheet Menu filled with well thought out share/small plates created daily by Chef James Holmes. Our one of a kind food is combined with 101 local wines carefully curated by our team with the goal of featuring the most unique & diverse list of the Okanagan’s best wines. With a special focus on smaller wineries and on those off the beaten path that you may never experience on a trip to the Valley.

Located just steps away from Kelowna’s Best known landmark “The Sails” as well as our number one attraction, Lake Okanagan. Salt & Brick is one of many incredible local dining spots on historic Bernard Avenue, the heart of Downtown Kelowna.

Late to the game, James started his culinary career at the age of twenty-seven. While on a family trip to Europe, he found a real connection to the product, process and quality of European food culture.  After his return he attended Dubrulle Culinary Institute as the last graduating class in 2013. He began his apprenticeship at Westin Bayshore in Vancouver, but his time there was cut short by an offer he couldn’t refuse. He stayed on for two years as the Sous Chef at the world-renowned boutique getaway Cathedral Mountain Lodge in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.   Soon after he was offered the Executive Chef position with only four years of experience since completing school.

2015 presented an incredible opportunity to James as he was asked to head up the Canmore Uncorked Culinary Symphony, which paired five dishes with five sets of live music from Quartetto Gelato. The publicity and great success taken from this event sling-shotted his career to a completely different level, bringing him to the Okanagan and Black Hills Winery.

Fast forward to present, after being acquired to take the helm by Salted Brick in Kelowna, he has found his niche. He has always held a strong moral belief in ground to plate cooking, but now more than ever he is able to utilize this principle.

“I feel as though with my style for fresh and creative flavors I have brought a new approach to dining in Kelowna. I create a new menu every morning from what is available seasonally. I use attention to detail and pairings in my plates that may not make sense on paper but the result has been overwhelmingly positive.”



Saturday 4–10p.m.
Sunday 4–10p.m.
Monday 4–10p.m.
Tuesday 4–10p.m.
Wednesday 4–10p.m.