Therapy Vineyards

When you visit Therapy Vineyards, we want you to have the most therapeutic experience. Surrounded by panoramic views of our vineyards, Okanagan Lake, and Giant’s Head Mountain, this is the perfect Therapy.

Book a tour, and arrive at our Farmacy for a fun, and informative wine tasting. Enjoy a getaway in our Inn, and marvel at the view with a glass of wine in hand. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, we’ve got the prescription for you. We have a list of wines that will please all palates: from fun and fruity blends, to single vineyard, single varietal classics, and a fortified wine that will wow your tastebuds! 

So grab a bottle, gather some friends, and enjoy! It’s as simple as that. Live well, drink well. Therapy Vineyards.

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