Three Sisters Winery

Three Sisters Winery is the brainchild of my husband, Matthew Mikulic, my parents, John and Liz Lawrence and myself, Rebecca Mikulic.  After working many years in the wine industry, I met a handsome man who by chance was a winemaker!  Matt blew me away with his knowledge of wine and winemaking experiences in California, Australia and Europe. 

We decided to put our roots down in Penticton and start a winery.  Needless to say, this was a lot of hard work. We produced our first vintage in the barn on my parent’s vineyard in 2014.  These wines were mostly custom labels for local vineyard owners, but it was a start.  We had parents, aunts and friends hand labeling every bottle – it takes a village they say. 

Everyone was so impressed with the quality of wine that we decided to push forward with our own label, Three Sisters Winery.  This is not only the name of my parent’s vineyard, as I have two older sisters, but Matt and I thought that it was a fitting name for our dream as he has three sisters as well.  We knew we would be leaning on all of them for support along the way.

In 2016 we welcomed a new addition to the “family”, the vineyard on Munson Avenue which we transformed into the Three Sisters Winery that you see today. Our belief is to make delicious wines for everyone to enjoy.  Whether that be alone on a porch with a good book or at a fabulous dinner party with friends and family. 

At Three Sisters Winery, our wines are approachable and made with a hands-off approach letting the fruit speak for itself.  Matt believes that the wine should be a true reflection of the vineyard and fruit that it produces, “wines should have flavours that shout from the glass reflecting where it’s from”.

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