Vanessa Vineyard

Vanessa Vineyard is located in one of the finest wine regions in Canada and is dedicated to producing wine that is true to the heritage of its terroir. Situated on the hillside overlooking the Similkameen Valley, Vanessa Vineyard grows its grapes on 75 acres of sloping, well drained rocky terrain. The vines grow in rows of rock, stressing the plants while absorbing the day heat and imparting that warmth during the cooler nights, contributing to the grapes’ unique character.

In 2006 the land was purchased from Clarence Schneider, a second-generation Similkameen farmer. The 220-acre site was previously a grazing pasture, partially planted with alfalfa.

Upon visiting the Vanessa Vineyard property for the first time, our co-owner Suki Sekhon, discovered the pasture was covered in beautiful butterflies. As a symbolic gesture to the enchanting flutter, it was decided to name the vineyard Vanessa, which is Greek for butterfly.

The quantity of rocks on site at Vanessa Vineyard initially made vineyard development exceedingly challenging. However, under the guidance of our renowned viticulturists, the late Robert Goltz and Richard Cleave, and with Howard Soon overseeing the planting, the vines were planted in rows of rocks, and became a key asset to our property’s unique terroir. The rocks absorb the days heat, imparting the warmth throughout the cooler nights, which enables the fruit to produce complex flavours and minerality that are truly distinctive.


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