Romantic Wine Tours For Couples In Kelowna

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Romantic wine tours for couples in Kelowna

Romantic Wine Tours For Couples In Kelowna

Admire stunning vineyard views and sample the finest wines in Kelowna, British Columbia with a one-of-a-kind romantic getaway. Take part in a luxurious wine tour experience designed specifically for couples, complete with exquisite tastings and unforgettable moments shared together. Are you ready to explore the romantic wine tours for couples in Kelowna British Columbia? If so, let’s go!

Romantic wine tours for couples in Kelowna

Welcome To Kelowna Wine Country!

The Okanagan Valley is home to over 300 wineries, spanning 200 KM’s (north to south) and offers wine lovers and travellers virtually limitless options of vineyards to explore. While spread over such a large area, the city of Kelowna, British Columbia continues to set the standard as the “go to” wine destination in Canada. With all the charm of a small city, and all the bars, restaurants, hotels and nights life of a large city, it’s no wonder that romantic wine tours for couples in Kelowna are highly sought after. Kelowna does wine well and couples looking to indulge don’t have to look far.

While the downtown core may resemble other cities, a 10 minute drive in either direction has you exploring endless orchards and vineyards. It’s this country charm so close to a populated area that sets Kelowna apart from other wine destinations. Mountains, lake life, incredible vistas and scenery are all part of the Kelowna experience! If you’re looking for an iconic and romantic wine tours for couples in Kelowna, we’ve put together a guide with everything you’ll need to know. Let’s explore!

Planning Your Perfect Romantic Wine Tour

Don’t leave your romantic couples wine tour to the last minute. Planning matters! A couples getaway is about focusing on your partner, exploring together and making sure your time is well spent. While it’s never a bad idea to head to a winery and just “wing it”, putting together an entire wine tour itinerary on your own will have you worrying about details that are easily taken care of by others. This is your time to be with your partner after all. Wine tour companies specialize in covering all the little details that allow you to sit back and enjoy each others company while exploring the incredible wineries and vineyards of Kelowna.

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Romantic wine tours for couples in Kelowna can be broken down into 3 categories. Half Day wine tours, Full Day wine tours and Sunset or Evening wine tours. All 3 options offer stunning experiences for couples and will ensure an intimate tasting experience! Let’s take a look at all 3 to see which is right for you.

Half Day Romantic Wine Tours For Couples In Kelowna

For couples with an action packed schedule or just looking for a little more flexibility during their stay, Half Day romantic wine tours for couples in Kelowna are the perfect option. Most half day tours operate twice daily, offering a morning or afternoon option. Morning tours are a great idea for beating the crowds and the hottest times of the day, while also offering the best opportunity to chat with winemakers and sommeliers before the rush begins. If morning suits your schedule best, make sure to get a good sleep the night before and be ready for breakfast wine!

If you’re a late riser or have plans in the morning, afternoon half day wine tours are great way to sip away the hours before dinner. This is prime time at the wineries and the best time of the day to enjoy a seated wine tasting on a shady patio. Make sure to do your research of wineries that offer the best outdoor tasting areas and you’ll be rewarded! Our choice for best patio in Kelowna is Frind Estate Winery.

Full Day Romantic Wine Tours For Couples In Kelowna

The iconic romantic wine tour, full day experiences offer a relaxing way to indulge for an entire day in Kelowna wine country. Typically lasting 6-7 hours in length, full day tours include access and tastings to 5 wineries with a lunch break halfway through to break up the day. Look for a tour that takes care of all of the details including a romantic table at lunch overlooking a vineyard!

While it’s not always possible, connect with a wine tour operator early and see if this is a service they offer. When it comes to romantic wine tours for couples in Kelowna, the little details matter. During the summer months wineries will be busy so having a table for just the two of you away from the action will provide the most romantic experience.

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If you’re looking to take your lunch experience to the next level, ask your wine tour operator if they offer romantic picnics in the vineyard. You’re on vacation after all and while winery bistro’s are amazing, perhaps it’s a good time to change it up, grab a blanket and dine amongst the grapes!

If a full day wine tour is what you’re after, make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and pace yourself. You likely still have an entire evening of activities planned and you’ll want to pace yourself!

Sunset Romantic Wine Tours For Couples in Kelowna

By far the most romantic option, if your schedule permits, look into a Sunset wine tour! Departing in the late afternoon, sunset tours also allow you to fill your day with other fun things to do in Kelowna, while capping off a fun day with the ultimate romantic wine tour experience. When it comes to romantic wine experiences, this is the tour to choose if you only have one opportunity! Nothing beats being with the one you love, sipping incredible Okanagan wine and watching the sun go down in the vineyard.

While there are a host of options for romantic wine tours during the day, you’ll likely find less options for sunset tours as many wineries in the Okanagan Valley close up early. It’s important to work with your Kelowna wine tour operator to understand the wineries you’ll be visiting and where your romanic dinner will be hosted. The Sunset Sip wine tour offers the best options in our opinion, touring nightly in both Lake Country or West Kelowna. While both tours run from 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM, they offer very different winery and dining experiences.

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For the most intimate and romantic wine tours for couples in Kelowna, the Lake Country option is our personal favourite. With tastings typically at Arrowleaf Cellars, Ex Nihilo Vineyards and O’Rourke’s Peak Cellars, you’ll enjoy a relaxed, late day tour amongst the vines and rolling vineyards. Finishing with a table at the Garden Bistro, overlooking the vineyard and watching the sunset over the mountains is the perfect way to indulge in their culinary “farm to table” creations! For an even more romantic experience, choose this tour on Wednesdays or Sundays and enjoy live music brought to you by local artists!

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For those looking for a “faster paced” romantic wine tour that finishes with an incredible patio dinner overlooking Okanagan Lake, the West Kelowna option is a fan favourite. Located only 15 minutes from downtown Kelowna, this option offers a “higher” level of energy in a more urban setting. Still incredibly romantic and personalized, the West Kelowna Sunset Sip tour offers access to bigger red wine varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah, while also offering a fantastic whites wines.

The highlight of the West Kelowna tour is absolutely a visit to Quails Gate Estate. An intimate property on the shores of Okanagan Lake. Tasting amongst the vines with your loved one is an experience that every couple should take advantage of and there’s no better spot than this iconic Kelowna winery. Make sure to take your time here, walking through the endless vineyards and enjoy the cooling evening air.

After your late afternoon wine tastings, its off to Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery to enjoy an intimate meal on the patio at The Modest Butcher restaurant. Offering a modern look and bustling atmosphere, ask for a quiet table on the patio and take in the sunset over Okanagan Lake while indulging on their fantastic culinary treats. For the meat lovers, sharing a Tomahawk Steak, sipping on Syrah and enjoying each others company is hard to beat.

Choosing The Perfect Kelowna Wineries For Romantic Tastings

Wineries matter! As with everything else, doing your research ahead of time, especially when it comes to the wineries you’ll be visiting ensures a seamless day without any disappointments. With so many wineries through Kelowna and only one chance to nail that perfect wine tour experience, it can be challenging to know the best vineyards to visit or even how to get started. You can spend time pouring over reviews and looking through search engines, but that won’t always give you the best perspective on what the setup is like, the atmosphere of the winery or what tasting options they have. Remember, experiencing the PERFECT romantic wine tour matters. Choose wisely!

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While choosing a self guided approach to your romantic couples wine tour is an option, it will be difficult and time consuming to research wineries, make the reservations and find transportation between each vineyard.

Virtually all wineries in Kelowna are now by reservation only. Some such as Quails Gate, Mission Hill, Ex Nihilo, 50th Parallel Estate and Tantalus book up months in advance, limiting your ability to explore the most romantic and picturesque properties. Taxi’s are also a major challenge in Kelowna and will be an expensive proposition if needing their service all day to safely travel between your stops.

We highly recommend reaching out to a local Kelowna wine tour company and explaining exactly what you’re looking for. Some companies specialize in romantic wine tours for couples in Kelowna, while others do not. It’s important to be transparent about the experience you’re looking for, chat about specific wineries and ensure everything is perfectly planned. Local Kelowna wine tour operators will typically have a lot of “inside info” and know the staff and sommeliers at each winery. That local knowledge tends to pay off with additional tastings, requests for elevated experiences and access to vineyards or other areas of the winery that would not typically be available to the public.

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Keeping the focus on the wineries, not all tour companies offer access to the same properties. It’s easy enough to put together a good looking website, but make sure to speak directly with the tour company you choose and nail down an itinerary that focuses on the most romantic wineries and offers an un-rushed experience. Many tour companies offer only 20-30 minute tasting at each winery and this is not what you’re looking for! Find a tour operator that offers 45 minute – 1 hour experiences at each winery. Doing so will allow time for the tasting, asking any questions, photos in the vineyard, purchasing wine and most importantly, spending time with each other. Here are 3 Kelowna wineries that offer incredible romantic wine tours for couples in Kelowna.

Quails Gate Family Estate: A landmark of the West Kelowna wine trail with over 200 acres of vineyard, Quails Gate has been family owned for 3 generations. Producing consistent, high quality wines, exceptional guest experience and an atmosphere that rivals the most romantic vineyard settings in Europe! Anyone looking to impress their partner should include Quails Gate as a must see on their Kelowna couples wine tour.

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Ex Nihilo Vineyards: Set close to the shores of Okanagan Lake, one of the most romantic winery settings in the Okanagan Valley awaits. Rolling vineyards set amongst a country setting, lake views and one of the strongest wine portfolios in British Columbia. Ex Nihilo Vineyards is all about the experience. Enjoy private seated tastings led by an incredible team. We highly recommend their 2019 Night!

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Cedar Creek Estate Winery: Set on a slope in East Kelowna, the winemaking team at Cedar Creek Estate Winery focus solely on producing the best cold climate wines in the world. From the floor to ceiling glass tasting room, to intimate fireside tastings, a visit to Cedar Creek offers a romantic getaway from the hustle of the downtown core. Enjoy their portfolio of both red and white wines, walk the property or enjoy a set menu 5 course meal at their restaurant, Home Block.

Cedar Creek Tasting Room

Vineyard Experiences

When it comes to the best romantic wine tours for couples in Kelowna, the focus should be on the experience! All wineries offer tastings, but we’re looking for wineries that step up their game and offer something a little extra. For us, that means vineyard experiences! Most people will never get to explore a vineyard, let alone learn one-on-one from a sommelier with a glass of Pinot Noir in hand! From grape to glass, vineyard experiences go into great detail about specific wine varietals, the farming process, how grapes are selected, when they’re picked, crushed and how the winemaking process is executed.

Vineyard experiences will have you looking at wine in a very different way, appreciating the subtle details that go into every bottle a winery produces. If you’re lucky enough to enjoy romantic wine tours for couples in Kelowna during September or October, don’t forget to try a grape off the vine. Always ask permission of course!

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One of the best vineyard experiences in Kelowna is led by the team at 50th Parallel Estate Winery on their “Grape to Glass” experience. Highlighting their history, wine making philosophy and vineyard practices, this 1 hour tour is incredibly detailed and allows you to explore their Estate vineyards on the shores of Okanagan Lake

Join A Wine Tour, You’ll Be Happy You Did!

We’ve covered both self guided and guided romantic wine tours for couples in Kelowna throughout this article. For those that love handling the fine details and want to save some money, self guided is the way to go. If you really want to impress your partner though and enjoy the thought of not having to worry about anything, a guided wine tour is the solution. Booking a wine tour takes all the guess work out of the day and ensures that you’re always going to have front of the line access to the wineries you’ll be visiting. As mentioned earlier, communicate clearly to your Kelowna wine tour company what your expectations are for the day, then sit back and relax while they do all the hard work! In the end, it’ll free up time that is best spent with your partner on your couples wine tour.

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It’s also important to note that most Kelowna wine tour companies include tasting fees in their pricing. This means that your expenses for the day are covered (unless you purchase wine of course!), and you wont’ be reaching into your pocket at each winery you visit to settle the tasting bill. While tasting fees vary at different wineries, expect to spend between $15 – $75 at each winery for the tasting if choosing to visit on a self guided tour. Of course, guided romantic wine tours for couples in Kelowna include all the tasting fees making it an even better value!

Vehicles Matter

One last note on guided wine tours. Vehicles absolutely matter! In the heart of the summer, the Okanagan Valley is hot! Daily temperatures typically reach 35 degrees celsius or higher. As you’ll be traveling from your accommodation to the wineries and from winery to winery in a vehicle, it’s important to know exactly what type of wine tour vehicle you’ll be in for the day. Look for operators that offer brand new touring vehicles, typically vans with a high roof that are comfortable to get in and out of (and stand in). Luxury features such as leather interiors, custom audio systems and “in row” air conditioning are important. After all, you want to focus on your romantic wine experience, not sticking to your seat inside the vehicle. Top choices for luxury wine touring vehicles are the Mercedes Benz Sprinter and the Ford Transit AWD high roof.

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Finding The Best Kelowna Accommodations

When it comes to where you’ll be sleeping after a long day of wine tasting, there is much more to think about than just how many stars the hotel has. Vacation rentals, B&Bs and AirBnbs are all great options for couples looking for an intimate setting and cozy atmosphere in Kelowna. Look for accommodations in the downtown core, offering a close walking distance to all the city has to offer.

For those that like traditional hotels, it’s hard to beat the Delta Hotels by Marriot Grand Okanagan Resort. Located on the shores of Okanagan Lake and featuring an incredible restaurant and wine lounge, this property is a fan favourite of traditional resort hotel fans.

If you’re after a more modern, flexible approach that may be a more cost effective option, look for an Airbnb at the Discovery Bay Condos. Located at 1088 Sunset Drive,, this multi tower development is one of the most popular locations in the city and offers space for groups of 2 to over 20 people!

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A good rule of thumb for Kelowna accommodations is to make sure you are close to EVERYTHING! This means staying in the downtown core. From wine tours to nightlife to restaurants and lake life activities, downtown is where its at, especially for a couples getaway weekend!

So there you have it, our guide to romantic wine tours for couples in Kelowna. Hopefully some of this information is helpful and if you’re looking for more information on guided wine tours, please check out our Kelowna wine tours. Enjoy!