Top 5 Bachelorette Friendly Wineries In Kelowna

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Top 5 bachelorette friendly wineries in Kelowna

Top 5 Bachelorette Friendly Wineries In Kelowna

Looking for the perfect destination for an unforgettable bachelorette getaway? Look no further than our list of the top 5 bachelorette friendly wineries in Kelowna! With everything from cozy fireside tastings to outdoor activities, there’s something for everyone on your bride-to-be’s special day.

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Choose Wineries With Scenic Vistas and Picturesque Backdrops

Stunning mountain views and scenic lake vistas are the name of the game in Kelowna wine country. Virtually all wineries in the area offer iconic Okanagan Valley views. Of course, some are better than others so when planning your bachelorette wine tour it’s important to look over images online and do your research to see firsthand what the winery and vineyard look like. You’ll be taking plenty of pictures on your wine tour so it’s important to visit the properties that offer the best wines, as well as atmosphere and views! It’s not just the wine but the overall experience. Our list of top 5 bachelorette friendly wineries in Kelowna features properties that are well rounded and the total package!

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Read Online Reviews To Determine Which Wineries Are The Most Accommodating To Your Group Size And Budget

Google reviews, Yelp and Trip Advisor are great places to mine information on prospective wineries to visit in Kelowna. Not all wineries are able to accommodate large groups or bachelorette tours and you’ll want to be setting the day up for success. Once you’ve put together a short list of wineries, work with your crew to contact each winery and ask specifically what they offer for bachelorette’s. Remember, status quo doesn’t work here. You’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to the top 5 bachelorette friendly wineries in Kelowna.

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Wearing A Sash? Make Sure There Are No Surprises!

Your Kelowna bachelorette wine tour is all about YOU! Nobody wants to hear that they cannot enjoy their tasting because of their appearance. Sadly, this does happen so it’s important to be prepared. If sashes are part of your dress code for the day (because they are super fun!), make sure you’ll be allowed to wear these at the winery. Being asked to take off your sash as you enter a winery sucks the energy out of the tour and can feel downright rude.

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Several wineries in Kelowna offer bridal packages and feel that by allowing others to wear a sash on property, it takes away from that bride’s experience. Avoid these interactions by connecting directly with each winery you’ll visit or your Kelowna wine tour operator to ensure positive vibes throughout the day! Our list of top 5 bachelorette friendly wineries in Kelowna includes wineries that welcome gals with their Sashes!

Skip The Fancy Wineries!

To make our list of top 5 bachelorette friendly wineries in Kelowna, experiences need to offer amazing tastings and atmosphere. These are “once in a lifetime” moments with your friends and family. It’s all about letting loose, being yourself and having the best day ever! While there are wineries that offer incredible bachelorette wine experiences, there are also those that do not.

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Popular and iconic wineries in Kelowna such as Mission Hill Family Estate, Quail’s Gate, Cedar Creek Winery & Tantalus Vineyards continue to provide some of the top wine tasting experiences in Kelowna. That said, these wineries are not well suited to getting “loud and proud” For quiet, intimate tastings, these wineries are best in class. For bachelorette tastings and tours though, you may be disappointed. Instead, opt for wineries that welcome high energy groups, have fun and vibrant tasting associates and won’t be annoyed if you get a little rowdy!

Photo Opportunities – Make Sure You Have Access To The Vineyard!

You’ll be making memories on your Kelowna bachelorette tasting tour and there’s no better way to remember it than by taking countless photos. Whether for Insta or for yourself, there will be no shortage of incredible back drops to snap photos of you and your crew.

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While most wineries in Kelowna offer amazing scenery, not all offer access to vineyards. It’s important to connect with the wineries you plan on visiting and ensure you’ll be able to walk in the vineyard. Snapping pics while begin surrounded by lush, green vines and ripening grapes will add another level to the “cool” factor of your special day. Pro tip, if your bachelorette tasting is in September or October, try sampling grapes of the vine. As you get closer to the harvest season, the sugars will concentrate and you’ll enjoy farm fresh wine grapes you’d otherwise never have access to. Don’t forget to ask permission first though!

Wondering what our picks are for the top 5 bachelorette friendly wineries in Kelowna? Let’s go through our list!

Our List Of The Top 5 Bachelorette Friendly Wineries In Kelowna

Intrigue Wines

One of the most popular wineries in Lake Country, and located along the Scenic Sip Wine Trail, Intrigue Wines might just be the most fun winery experience in Kelowna. Friendly staff, approachable wines, an incredible gift shop and casual patio experience make this the perfect choice for our list of top 5 bachelorette friendly wineries in Kelowna.

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If you’re looking to purchase wine, Intrigue Wines is also the most value priced winery in the city with several offerings in the $16.00 – $25.00 / bottle range. Intrigue also has 2 bubbly offerings, their Social Sparkling and their “I Do”. Created with bachelorette’s and bridal parties in mind, the I Do is an easy drinking sparkling Rosé and also comes in a mini size….perfect for stashing in your bag or handing out at your wedding.

Once your wine tasting is over, head to their patio, enjoy comfy seating and indulge in bottle service while soaking up the Okanagan sunshine. Don’t forget to check out their website as they also host several live music events, making for an even more special day!

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Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery

A staple of the Westside Wine Trail, Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery continues to be the “go to” spot for wine lovers and bachelorette’s alike to indulge in their ever growing portfolio of wines. For the red wine lover, Mt. Boucherie has an incredible lineup including Merlot, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Malbec Cabernet Sauvignon and of course, their flagship Contessa!

Tasting experiences are set in a new, state of the art and modern building complete with floor to ceiling glass and a relaxed atmosphere. Several tasting options are available and we highly recommend their seated, reserve tasting……go for the good stuff!

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If you’re planning a bite to eat or a lunch stop during the day, it’s tough to beat the Modest Butcher restaurant located on the upper level of the winery. A massive menu, several protein options, patio seating and value priced menu make this a perfect choice, while also staying on budget for the day.

Considering their wine portfolio, menu options and overall vibe, Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery is a natural choice for our top 5 bachelorette friendly wineries in Kelowna. Oh, and you can wear your sash without issue!

Frind Estate Winery

The most popular winery in West Kelowna and for good reason. Set along the shores of Okanagan Lake, Frind Estate Winery is the only beachfront winery in North America. Putting aside their significant portfolio of wines (which are incredible), the casual setting on this sprawling West Kelowna wine trail property makes it a top choice of Bachelorette wine tours.

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Originally the home of former British Columbia Premier Bill Bennett, this property has now been transformed into a state of the art winery owned by Marcus Frind of Plenty Of Fish Fame. Offering a large patio, authentic forno oven pizza, an elaborate licensed picnic area and fireside seating, Frind is now the place to be seen as far as wineries in Kelowna go.

With tables spaced far apart and the intimate setting of Okanagan Lake in the background, Frind Winery is the perfect location to pop some bubbly, raise those glasses and celebrate bachelorette good times in style. It doesn’t hurt that their Brut is now the second best selling sparkling wine in the province! Affordably priced and fruit forward, we highly recommend picking up a bottle!

Off The Grid Organic Winery

What would a list of the top 5 bachelorette friendly wineries in Kelowna be without throwing a curveball into the mix! Sticking with the West Kelowna theme, bachelorette’s will enjoy the ridiculous fun at Off The Grid Organic Winery. This uniquely intimate winery promotes organic farming practices, offers on site pizza / light bites and is the only winery you’ll visit that has Goats! Well, they actually have more than Goats….Sheep, Turkey’s, Chickens, Rabbits and other farm animals make this one of the most fun and laid back winery experiences in the Okanagan Valley! Photo opportunities abound with their famous Goats who seem always willing to make an appearance on the “gram”.

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Old cars, tractors and an accessible vineyard offer limitless options for snapping pics of your crew during your tasting experience.

Once the tasting is complete, head over to their patio, grab a bottle of their “Ever After” Organic Rosé, feed some goats and chill with your girls!

Ex Nihilo Vineyards

We mentioned earlier to skip the fancy wineries, but we had to include Ex Nihilo Vineyards on our list of top 5 bachelorette friendly wineries in Kelowna. While Ex Nihilo is a pretty fancy winery, they tick all of the boxes of what to look for in a bachelorette winery experience in Kelowna. Incredible wines, amazing staff, a cool story and hands down the best vineyard for photo opportunities in Kelowna!

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Set on a romantic property in Lake Country, the rolling vineyards, amazing staff, seated tastings and decadent wines of Ex Nihilo make this a special stop to celebrate your bachelorette wine tour.

Welcomed with Proesco style bubbly as you walk up to their entrance, you can quickly tell there is something special about this winery. With Pinot Noir vineyards integrated throughout the tasting areas, private tables and an intimate tasting experience that offers a one-on-one approach as you learn about their wines, this may be the most special winery on our list of top 5 bachelorette friendly wineries in Kelowna.

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Not to worry ladies, while it may be the fanciest winery on this list, keep those sashes on and the energy high! Private tables allow you to let loose with your crew, swap stories and just be yourselves. Don’t forget to check out their ever changing art pieces throughout the winery, further enhancing the experience.

After the tasting, grab your crew and head out into the vineyard rows for photo time! As the terroir gently slopes up, it creates the perfect backdrop for photos you’ll cherish forever. If you’re visiting in the late summer or fall, the Pinot Noir and Merlot vines should be holding bountiful fruit, creating those picture perfect vineyard settings we all see in magazines!

There you have it ladies! Our list of the top 5 bachelorette friendly wineries in Kelowna! While there are definitely other amazing choices that will no doubt serve you well on a wine tasting adventure, the wineries listed above are sure to impress and provide the best overall experience for your time in Kelowna. Cheers!