About Us

Kevlynn Loubier - Vivid Tours

Passionate, professional, knowledgable…..and the coolest rides in the Okanagan!

Drawing on a decade of experience within the tourism industry and our passion for the Okanagan wine and beer culture, Vivid Tours offers a distinctive offering of experiences. Blending kick ass fun with knowledgable guides, incredible partners and the most luxurious vehicles in the region, you’ll quickly realize just how “VIVID” we are. Meticulous attention to detail is what we’re all about!

Meet the owner, Kevlynn Loubier

Designing buildings by day and sipping on the Okanagan's best wines by night, Kevlynn's passion for the region began the moment she arrived in Kelowna.
  Quickly falling in love with the local wine scene, she has an unparalleled passion for sharing the amazing wines of this valley with the world.
A burning entrepreneurial desire was lit in the fall of 2019 with the founding of Vivid Tours, offering wine enthusiasts a more personal and service oriented wine touring experience.  Her phrase "tours for your senses" looks to take on a whole new meaning!