Bartier Bros. Winery

Welcome to Bartier Bros. Winery. On the lower side of Black Sage Road between Oliver and Osoyoos, this vineyard has a gentle West facing slope. The soils are a heavy, slightly sandy loam with calcium carbonate covered granite cobbles throughout a deep profile. With the rough surface of the calcium carbonate, vine roots seek out these rocks for the small amount of water to be found on this surface. It is controversial to say that these vines are “feeding” off these minerals, but that’s exactly what we believe is happening and it shows in the wines.

Located in Summerland, BC, Lone Pine Vineyard straddles a small ridge with a slight and mild West exposure leading over the ridge to a steep East exposure. The vineyard is in the transition zone from the ancient volcanic cone of Giant’s Head Mountain to the silt glacier formed banks above Okanagan Lake. The soils and sub-soils are dense with many granite cobbles present which aide in drainage

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