Elephant Island Winery

Elephant Island Winery launched from the farm in 2000 and Naramata Cider Co in 2017. Together these projects embody our family’s commitment to maintaining a healthy diversity in the agricultural landscape of our little corner of the world. All of our wines and ciders are made with low intervention, living fermentation techniques. What fruit we don’t grow ourselves is grown by farmers whose methods we respect, and who’s long term commitment to the craft is something we admire.

Elephant Island winery is born in sunshine and clay banks, late afternoon lake breezes, starry nights, and the tapestry of farms in a magical little town called Naramata. They speak to the critters and creatures and trees and vines that we share our home and farm with and to the family dinners and orchard picnics that have anchored our life here over 3 generations.

Our wines are a reflection of life and nature, joys and heartbreaks.

The wines we create at Elephant Island Winery are made to share … to weave together moments and memories far and wide, to inspire conversation and to come together over food. To express the commitment to place and community, and to support a diverse farm landscape that is healthy for the birds, the bees and the people.

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