La Vela Pizzeria

At La Vela Pizzeria we do our best to create a unique experience for customers when they try our dough, our sauce and toppings combinations. We believe that our pizza crust is the highest quality and our complex flavors of our sauces create the most delicious pizza in all Kelowna. This is a bold statement but we strive for the best and we are very proud.

La Vela Pizzeria has the unique flavor, unbelievable food and classic service that can only come from spending years in the restaurant industry. The La Vela family invites you to visit our restaurant today, we love this business and are passionate about cooking the finest Italian food! These gorgeous bronze tiles were used to create our authentic wood-fired oven, which was imported directly from Naples. We use local apple wood to heat our amazing oven.`

In addition to providing our customers with the best pizza made from the freshest and highest quality ingredients, we also go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are receiving the highest level of customer service. No matter where you are living—Kelowna and surrounding areas, big events, small family gatherings, casual night in, we will always treat you like a member of our own family.

At La Vela Pizzeria, we are proud to offer a menu that caters to everyone. Whether you are looking to enjoy pizza, pasta, desserts, or one of our side orders, everything on our menu is made from fresh, high-quality ingredients that we know you will love. 

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Monday : 12.00AM – 09.00PM
Tuesday : CLOSED
Wednesday : 11.30AM – 09.00PM
Thursday : 11.30AM – 10.00PM
Friday : 11.30AM – 10.00PM
Saturday : 11.30AM – 10.00PM
Sunday : 11.30AM – 9.00PM