Merridale Cidery And Distillery

From orchard to glass, we meticulously handcraft every step of the process to deliver world-class, award-winning craft ciders and spirits that celebrate the spirit of Cowichan Valley.

Life on Vancouver Island is all about quality, and here at the farm, we take time to enjoy every moment. We live well and we invite our guests to experience a slice of the good life when they visit in person. At Merridale Cidery And Distillery, we are proud to make high-quality cider and spirits that add pleasure and enjoyment to life.

When you visit Merridale Cidery And Distillery, you feel it – the atmosphere is friendly, easy, and joyful. Our farm is located at the end of a long, winding driveway past gently rolling hills that will put you in the mood to relax and enjoy the spaciousness and beautiful climate that Cowichan is known for. At certain times of year, you’ll pick up a light scent of apple blossoms on the breeze. It’s a sensory experience, much like our ciders and spirits.

Our approach is all about guiding nature’s process to develop high-quality, all-natural products that are farm crafted with a sense of character, curiosity and intrigue. We are committed to making craft cider by growing heritage cider apples and slow-fermenting the juice from the first apple pressing.

The unique flavours, notes, and tannins come from the ground where the apples are grown, the juice, skin, and seeds, and the natural fermenting and distilling processes. We do not create mixed beverages, but rather craft pure cider and spirits.

We are committed to using sustainable practices at Merridale Cidery And Distillery and continually seek to improve our processes. Our entire farm, cellar, distillery, and Farmhouse Eatery are physically in one location which helps to reduce our carbon footprint. Our packaging is selected with the environment in mind and is completely recyclable.

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