Nostalgia Wines

Nostalgia Wines offers a unique Okanagan winery experience while providing a nostalgic trip down memory lane. We love to share our stories about the valley, and the history of the land. It is the story of a multi-generational family legacy digging our hands deep in the dirt where we have built this winery on Oliver’s prestigious Black Sage Bench. We strive to keep that sense of honesty, history, and nostalgia in everything we do, as our family roots will continue to grow for years to come.

Established in 2006, Nostalgia Wines is a female-owned and managed business led by Gina Fernandes Harfman, who is the owner, winemaker, and fourth generation South Okanagan family farmer. Nostalgia reflects Gina’s ideology that wine should be about making memories and connections.

At Nostalgia Wines, our small lot wines are divided into three wine tiers (Pin-Up Series, Nostalgia Series, and Family Collection), all made from our 14.5 acres of vineyard and our partner growers. There are four white varietals and four red varietals planted here, including the unique Kerner variety, a must-try for your visit!

You’ll be charmed by the fun and seductive Pin-Up Series, which allows Gina to express her lighter side and experiment with blends, with retro-cool paintings by artist Ralph Burch. These labels are a nod to Gina’s previous career pin-striping and air brushing classic cars, hot rods, and motorbikes. The Nostalgia Series is a small lot lineup of varietal white and barrel-aged reds that perfectly exemplify their vintage. In a vintage where a wine reveals itself as most special, and highest quality, Gina assigns this wine to her Family Collection.

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