Pane Vino

Pane Vino is a locally owned authentic Neapolitan Pizzeria nestled between beautiful Kalamalka lake and Wood lake. It is owned and operated by Martina La Melia and Patrizio Improta. Pane Vino is more than a business to Patrizio and Martina but a piece of their heart.

Patrizio being born and raised in Naples, Italy, has dreamed of owning his own pizzeria. Falling asleep to researching new recipes, to chasing his passion and getting his Italian pizzaiolo diploma in Naples in 2016. Patrizio has logged many hours and perfected many pizzas over the last 3 years.  

Martina was born and raised in Lake Country to her mother, an Abruzzese and her father, a Sicilian. Every summer Martina would go back to Italy and spend time with family and friends. Since she was little she has been learning authentic Italian recipes handed down for generations. She has made enough tomato sauce from scratch in her life time to fill Okanagan Lake. 

In 2012 Patrizio rode an hour by vespa on the windey roads of the Amalfi coast to meet Martina for the first time and then flew 20 hours 6 months later to be with her in Canada and has lived here since. Patrizio and Martina are now waiting for the arrival of their first child in September of 2019.

Martina and Patrizio were both raised in a household where family triumphed everything. To this day they both carry these qualities into everything they do. By opening Pane Vino they strive to make there family grow with every guest who walks in their door. Pane Vino is a nick name Martina’s Nonno called her growing up and the Pane Vino bird is the hand drawn bird that her Nonna would use to sign her name on letters and cards. Every pizza box, menu and sign is branded by Nonna Maria. Pane Vino Pizzeria has their love and family riddled into every recipe and design with the goal of making their guests feel like they’re at their home. They operate as locally as possible supporting Okanagan farmers and businesses bringing their guests the freshest ingredients available.  Welcome to Pane Vino



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