Red Arrow Brewing

Some of the best things happen over a beer. Ideas are ignited, friendships are forged and every now and then breweries are born. This holds true for Red Arrow Brewing Co. which is the culmination of friendships and unbridled, hop fuelled desire. We’re a collective. A synergy. Not one thing to one person or all things to every person. We’re a team of co-workers enjoying the creative process together. We create beer with a personality that has meaning to where we are.

At Red Arrow Brewing, we brew small batch high quality beer in the bountiful Cowichan Valley, taking every opportunity to use locally sourced ingredients. Our beers are crafted to be intriguing, untamed and free.

Our building was originally the home of Arrow Custom Motorcycles. We get to work in a beautiful “Arizona Firehouse” style brick building. The old showroom is our tasting room and store. On the grounds we offer a small courtyard patio, picnic area that is blessed by an original Cowichan totem.

To learn more about other Cowichan Valley Breweries, please visit Tourism Cowichan. For more information on other tour opportunities, please visit our Victoria Wine Tour