Rocky Creek Winery

Here at Rocky Creek Winery, we’re all about creating our own wines and sharing our passion with you. We invite you to visit our new wine country. Even on a rainy day you can step into our tasting room and taste wines from Cowichan’s most awarded winemaker. Tour our wine region that is close to Victoria and Nanaimo set within the Cowichan Valley.

Our grapes are handpicked into small bins, as not to crush the grapes until the destemmer at the winery.  Quality control at the picking level.  Picked that day and processed that day within hours after finishing picking, no long time transportation.  It’s a long day for the winemaker but a big part of the quality control.

In the vineyard at Rocky Creek Winery, we use the tractor only when necessary.  Most of the work is done by hand, and we don’t have any vehicles in the vineyard except when required for the task at hand.  Getting around the vineyard on foot is both environmentally sound but also good exercise!

We minimize waste wherever possible.  When we needed pots for our cuttings, we purchased used pots from a local nursery.  Vineyard waste (including pomace) ends up back in the vineyard as compost.  All material that can be recycled is properly segregated and sent to the recycling facility.

We select materials that are less harmful to the environment.  A key component of this is our sprays of fungicides to prevent powdery mildew.  By selecting disease resistant hybrids, we will reduce or eliminate the need to spray.  If we need to spray, we will be using fungicides acceptable for organic vineyards

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