Winemaker’s CUT

Welcome to Winemaker’s Cut. Like a director’s cut, an edited version of a film that represents the director’s unique point of view, Winemaker’s CUT is influenced by the winemaker and their unique styling/blending of an Okanagan wine.  

The grapes that shape Winemaker’s CUT wines are hand-harvested at Deadman Lake Vineyard just south of Oliver, BC. With utmost respect to nature, while honoring traditional winemaking methods, sustainable farming, and a zero pesticides policy with low sulphur use, CUT wines develop naturally and express characteristics indicative of this unique Okanagan vineyard.

Originally from Slovakia, where they ran a small winery, owners Michal and Martina Mosny moved to the Okanagan in 2011 and Michal established a vineyard-management company. He and Martina then opened Lunessence Winery & Vineyard near Summerland where he served as the Winemaker and General Manager until 2019, all while establishing Winemaker’s CUT at the Deadman lake Vineyard property. With a deep appreciation of art and harmony, classical music echoes in the vineyard and cellar to create a unique story and memory in each bottle.

Located in the heart of the District Wine Village, Winemaker’s offers a unique, artisan approach to wine making!


Tasting Room

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