10 Best Hikes In Kelowna You Need to Do

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10 best hikes in kelowna you need to do

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Outdoor lovers, welcome to our list of the 10 best hikes in Kelowna you need to do! Located in the heart of wine country, Kelowna also happens to be an exceptional hiking destination (and boating, cycling etc..)!

Hiking any number of the incredible trails in the area affords locals and visitors alike the opportunity to explore the scenic landscapes, lush forests, and stunning viewpoints of the Okanagan Valley. 

With an amazing array of world class hikes in the area, you can rest assured that your next great hike is just around the corner.  And since we realize that one size doesn’t fit all, we’ve composed a list of the 10 best hikes in Kelowna you need to do in 2024. Ranging from easy all the way to difficult, there’s something for everyone. 

Taking you through thick forests, up high above canyons on man-made trestle bridges, and along pathways set right against the sparkling Okanagan Lake, hikers in Kelowna are spoiled for choice. 

Whether you are looking for a challenging and lengthy trek or a light walk through nature, this list covers the gamut!  We hope you enjoy our guide to the 10 best hikes in Kelowna you need to do.

Knox Mountain Via Apex Trail

One of the best features of this hike is how quickly and easily it can be accessed from downtown Kelowna!  Those looking to extend their step count may simply opt to walk on over to the base of the mountain from their downtown accommodations.

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As for the hike itself, there will be ample opportunities to take in the beautiful Okanagan Valley views.  A network of trails make their way up the mountainside, allowing hikers to create their own adventure if they so choose. The Knox mountain trail is the most popular local hiking destination so expect to see other adventure seekers along the way. While popular, the views are breathtaking and Knox Mountain easily makes our list of the 10 best hikes in Kelowna you need to do.

Myra Canyon Trail

A scenic 40 minute drive from the city will take you to this breathtaking site at the historic Myra Canyon Trestles.  What makes this section of the Kettle Valley Railway particularly stunning is how it passes through the steep Myra Canyon, creating a stunning backdrop for this hike.  Although this section of the trail was devastated by the Kelowna fire of 2003, it was completely restored and is as pristine as ever. 

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Studded by two tunnels, two steel bridges, and 18 incredible man-made trestle bridges built into the mountain, there is plenty to take in as you hike this path!  What’s more, a hike here can essentially be as long or as short as you make it.  The trestles serve as convenient markers along the way, offering hikers the chance to turn back whenever they please.  Lake and valley views abound, and the heights will have your heart racing!

The Myra Canyon Trail is also well known for it’s cycling opportunities but it’s the incredible hiking options that make this a shoe in for our list of the 10 best hikes in Kelowna you need to do.

Paul’s Tomb

One of the easiest hikes on our list of the 10 best hikes in Kelowna you need to do, this hike is suitable for all ages and skill levels.  An easily navigable path runs right alongside the sparkling Okanagan Lake, making for fabulous views the whole duration of the hike.  The hike is pet-friendly and follows a simple out and back route. 

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With very little elevation change, the path follows Paul’s Tomb Trail, and (no surprise here), Paul’s Tomb marks the final destination before turning around.  Consider Paul’s Tomb as a great outdoor activity to enjoy without taking up your entire day!

Mount Boucherie – Boucherie Rush Trail

The first moderately challenging trail on our list of the 10 best hikes in Kelowna you need to do, welcome to the Boucherie Rush Trail! Another dog friendly hike is the Boucherie Rush Trail at Mount Boucherie.  Offering 360-degree view of the Okanagan Valley, this hike is located only a short 10 to 15 minute drive from downtown Kelowna. 

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The hike itself is a 3 kilometre trek to the top, carrying you up 275 meters to the summit.  Taking roughly an hour to get to the peak, hikers have multiple switchbacks available for the journey back down.  The route is popular for hikers and mountain bikers alike, and is generally considered a moderately challenging route.  On average, the hike takes right around 2 hours to complete.  With plenty of opportunities for photo taking along the way, including a great rest point, be sure to bring your camera!

Lebanon Creek Regional Park

Considered a moderate to challenging hike, Lebanon Creek Regional Park offers an out-and-back route that covers approximately 6.4 kilometres round trip.  With sweeping lake and city views, this trail is popular for hikers and runners, and takes an average of 2 hours and 33 minutes to complete. 

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Plenty of signage makes this hike easy to navigate, and although it is admittedly steep, it presents no technical difficulties.  This hike typically sees less tourists than some of the others (eg Knox Mountain and Mount Boucherie).  With little coverage along the way, consider opting to hike Lebanon Creek on a cooler day or be sure to pack appropriate headwear!

Crawford Falls

The first trail on our list of the 10 best hikes in Kelowna you need to do with a waterfall, Crawford Falls is the perfect “city getaway”. Located on Bellevue Creek, the Crawford Falls hike is categorized as moderate to difficult.  The perfect spot for waterfall chasers, this hike boasts not one but two waterfalls! 

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The path to the lower falls takes approximately 20 minutes and is fairly difficult.  On arrival, hikers will enjoy beautiful 20 foot falls, while ten minutes further, hikers will approach the second set of falls, just about double the size.  This hike takes about an hour in total, with signs, staircases and railings to guide you along the way.  In the heat of summer, bring a swimsuit and lightweight towel to enjoy a quick dip at the base of the lower Crawford Falls!

Spion Kop

Dutch for “Look Out Hill”, Spion Kop is located in beautiful Lake Country, only half an hour from downtown Kelowna. With a multitude of different trails to choose from (specifically, seven named trails and four trailheads), Spion Kop really is a “choose your own adventure” experience!

From beginner to expert, Spion Kop offers the most options of any trails featured on our list of the 10 best hikes in Kelowna you need to do. The route via Paintbrush and Tower offers hikers a 6.4 kilometre out-and-back trail and is generally considered a moderately challenging route.  Taking an average of 2.5 hours to complete, hikers will enjoy plenty of ups and downs and a steady incline to the top. 

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At the summit, an astonishing view awaits, with vistas of Okanagan Lake, Ellison Lake, Wood Lake and even Kalamalka Lake.  Most of the trails weave their way through thick forest and offer peak-a-boo views along the way. Despite the large network of trails available, hikers really can’t grow wrong as they all ultimately lead to breathtaking views!

Angel Springs Trail

Starting along the KLO Canyon Trail, you’ll enjoy this lovely walk through the forest along the creek.  Showcasing beautiful canyon rock walls on either side, hikers are afforded the chance to try a number of rock climbing routes as well as explore some interesting caves. 

The single track trail descends to KLO Creek and the start of the KLO Creek trail, passing by a neat village of rock cairns built by hikers.  Surrounded by forest with a babbling brook beside you, this hike is set in a truly tranquil setting. 

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Considered moderately difficult, there is about 470m of elevation change, and the final kilometre up to Angel Springs will be sure to get your heart pumping.  Traversing over 10.3 kilometers, hikers should expect to complete this hike in anywhere from 3 to 4.5 hours.  Absolutely worth the effort, the Angel Springs Trail is a staple on our list of the 10 best hikes in Kelowna you need to do.

Mission Creek Greenway

One of Kelowna’s most visited parks is host to this hiking area.  The lengthy network of trails passes through beautiful scenery: towering trees, flowing water, wildflowers make this a peaceful and purely Okanagan experience. 

The Greenway spans approximately 16.5 kilometres and travels through two distinctively different environments. The first section is a very flat wide pathway with no hills, running from Lakeshore Road to Ziprick Road. 

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The second phase features a canyon environment, generally narrower trail, bridges, and some steep hills with switchbacks.  This portion runs from Ziprick Road to KLO Creek, is about 9 kilometres in length, and may not be suitable for young children or those not accustomed to difficult hikes.

Mill Creek

Our final entry of our list of the 10 best hikes in Kelowna you need to do features Mill Creek. For a nice and easy hike, consider Mill Creek, a basic 2.6 kilometre out-and-back trail.  Taking only 45 minutes to complete, you can be hiking by morning and boating by afternoon if you so choose! 

Following a forested path to a tiny yet scenic waterfall, this hike is suitable for just about everyone.  Both family friendly and dog friendly, the relative ease of this hike makes it a popular one so you’ll likely encounter others along the way!

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A little slice of hiking paradise right in the heart of the Okanagan, Kelowna welcomes nature lovers to explore the diverse number of hikes readily available in the area.  Dog lovers can breathe easy knowing that their furry friends are able to join on most trails, while families will have no trouble finding an easy stroll through nature. 

No matter which trail you decide on, you can’t go wrong!  With beautiful views anywhere you hike, you’ll soon see why Kelowna is highly regarded as an outdoor paradise for adventure seekers. We hope you’ve found our list of the 10 best hikes in Kelowna you need to do helpful. Stay safe and enjoy!

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10 Best Hikes In Kelowna You Need To Do