10 Kelowna Wineries With The Lowest Tasting Fees

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10 Kelowna Wineries With The Lowest Tasting Fees

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With prices and inflation skyrocketing left, right and centre, we’re here to celebrate the 10 Kelowna wineries with the lowest tasting fees in 2024. Featuring Kelowna wineries that are not only amazing, but that are still actually affordable enough to visit!  On our guide to the 10 Kelowna wineries with the lowest tasting fees, you’ll find wineries that have either low tasting fees, no tasting fees, or tasting fees that are waived with purchase.  Reasonably priced tasting fees mean that enjoying a nice winery tasting and also coming away with a bottle or two is still possible!  Without further delay, we present our list of the top 10 affordable Kelowna wineries to visit in 2024.

Arrowleaf Cellars

Starting off our list of 10 Kelowna wineries with the lowest tasting fees, One wouldn’t think that world class views and $5 tasting fees could possibly belong in the same sentence.  Think again!  The team at Arrowleaf Cellars, located along the Scenic Sip wine trail in the stunning Lake Country wine region, manages to pull it off and we salute them for it.

Arrowleaf Cellars in Lake Country, British Columbia

On first arrival to Arrowleaf Cellars, guests will be blown away by the winery’s sleek and modern exterior, designed by award-winning architect Robert Mackenzie.  Concrete and wood finishes blend seamlessly into the forested surroundings, and floor to ceiling windows make way for some of the most beautiful lake and mountain views you’ll ever lay your eyes on. 

Once inside, a knowledgeable wine tasting associate will welcome you to the bar, where you will be guide you through a thoughtful tasting of four Arrowleaf Cellars wines.  Their Bacchus has garnered somewhat of a cult following, a lively aromatic wine bursting with tropical, floral and herbaceous notes.  On the red side, their Zweigelt is interesting, with plum, dark chocolate, and tobacco notes.  Thanks to the savings you’ll enjoy on the tasting fee side, opt for a bottle or case to take away!

Arrowleaf also has a large, casual picnic area, perfect for relaxing, grabbing either a bottle or glass of your favourite wines from the tasting room, some charcuterie and enjoying the perfect Okanagan experience. Oh, and it’s dog friendly as well!

Arrowleaf Cellars Picnic Area

Intrigue Wines

Staying in Lake Country and next on our list of 10 Kelowna wineries with the lowest tasting fees, Intrigue wines continues to shine. The friendly folks at Intrigue Wines welcome you to enjoy a tasting in their warm and inviting tasting room for only $5 per person.  If you’re lucky enough to visit during the summer months, you’ll be able to take advantage of their incredible outdoor space as well. 

Intrigue Wines tasting Bar

From May all the way through to October, this super cool, laidback picnic area is a place you’ll want to unwind for an entire day!  What’s more, by saving on tasting fees, you’ll actually have that extra bit of pocket cash to grab one of your favourite bottles and enjoy alongside Intrigue’s signature charcuterie boxes.

Low tasting fees, easy drinking wines, down-to-earth staff, and the type of outdoor space that’ll make you feel like you’re hanging out with friends in your own backyard…where do we sign up?! There’s no doubting that Intrigue is truly one of a kind and with their philosophy, we look forward to low tasting fees well into the future.

Ticking all the boxes we’re looking for, Intrigue’s philosophy should see them on our list of 10 Kelowna wineries with the lowest tasting fees for years to come.

Intrigue Wines Picnic Area

Ancient Hill Winery

Next on our list of the 10 Kelowna wineries with the lowest tasting fees is Ancient Hill.  A visit to Ancient Hill Winery affords guests not only the chance to taste wines, but also to feel as though they’ve been whisked away to Europe, all for under $10 per person!  Who wouldn’t take a trip to Europe for that price? 

On arrival, a meandering path through their lush and magical secret garden leads guests to the winery itself, which offers a touch of old world charm that is hard to come by nowadays.  Ancient Hill boasts a beautiful patio, set right amongst the garden and surrounded by vines, colourful blooming flowers, and with sweeping views of the valley and neighbouring vineyards below. 

Ancient Hill Winery In Kelowna, British Columbia

With such affordable tasting fees, why not grab a bottle of your favourite wine and enjoy a your very own Europe vacation on their patio?  Guests even have the opportunity to build their own charcuterie boards for the perfect food and wine pairing.  Thanks to Ancient Hill, a slice of paradise isn’t out of reach.  Oh, and we highly recommend the Baco Noir!

The View Winery And Vineyard

Coming up next on our list of 10 Kelowna wineries with the lowest tasting fees is The View, located along the famed East Kelowna wine bench.  What makes a visit to this spot especially fun is the rare ability to try wine as well as cider.  The other perk, of course, is their palatable tasting fee! 

At only $7 a tasting, and with the fee being donated to a local charity through their Red Shoe Foundation, this is a wine and cider tasting experience you can really feel good about.  Wines you can expect to enjoy include Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris, Ehrenfelser, Pinotage and Pinot Noir.  Their rosé is massive hit, as are their easy breezy canned beverages for takeaway. 

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For an ultra convenient takeaway option (think picnic in the park or at the beach), you can’t go wrong with their canned Bling Sparkling Wine or their wide range of canned ciders.  A visit to the View means being able to have your cake and eat it too!

While surrounded by wineries charging 2-4 times more for a tasting, we love that The View keeps it real and ensures anyone can pop by for a visit and enjoy their amazing wines. A true pioneer of the Kelowna wine scene, The View Winery is one of the top stops on our list of 10 Kelowna wineries with the lowest tasting fees.

St Hubertus And Oak Bay Estate Winery

Staying in East Kelowna, next up on our list of 10 Kelowna wineries with the lowest tasting fees, welcome St Hubertus & Oak Bay Vineyards. Founded all the way back in 1928, when their vineyards were planted and agricultural land was abundant.  Organic and sustainable farming practices have been followed since the 1980s, and their 100% estate grown wines are produced to reflect the unique terroir of the South East Kelowna slopes. 

St. Hubertus Winery in Kelowna, British Columbia

Lucky for us, a tasting at St Hubertus rings in at only $10 per person, and is waived with purchase (one of the only wineries to still offer this in the region).  Using old world methods to showcase complexity while incorporating the fresh and clean fruit flavours of the New World, Riesling and Chasselas, Gamay and Pinot Noir are just a few of the wines you may fall in love with at St Hubertus. 

Offering several wines at under $20 a bottle, you can enjoy a tasting at St Hubertus and come away with a bottle or two without any of the guilt.

Summerhill Pyramid Winery

Renowned and iconic Summerhill Winery offers a tasting of their legendary wines for only $10 per person, a fee that later goes towards a purchase (which is likely inevitable, anyhow)!  Arriving to Summerhill, guests will be blown away by their on site Pyramid, a structure that was built to age Summerhill’s fully organic and biodynamic wines. 

Summerhill Pyramid Winery

A solid choice for our list of 10 Kelowna wineries with the lowest tasting fees, Summerhill Pyramid Winery boasts a diverse portfolio of whites and reds. Most famous for their award-winning NV Cipes Brut, a celebratory sparkling wine with honeycrisp and juicy green apple, pear, lemon, and toasted brioche, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better Brut in the Okanagan.

Offering one of the most exceptional covered dining patios, their winery restaurant, Imagine Bistro is also worth a visit! Featuring a revolving menu and farm fresh ingredients, you’ll never know quite what to expect at the bistro….and we love that!  Saving on tasting fees at Summerhill means room for a fabulous lunch or dinner!

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One of the most visited places in the entire Okanagan, we’re pleased to see Summerhill Pyramid Winery continue to offer tasting fees that are waived with purchase. A solid choice for an afternoon of wine, Summerhill should stick around on our list of 10 Kelowna wineries with the lowest tasting fees for years to come!

Frind Estate Winery

Earning a special place in our heart on our list of the 10 Kelowna wineries with the lowest tasting fees is Frind Estate Winery. Few other wineries in Kelowna allow guests to select the wines they’ll enjoy in their tasting flight.  At Frind Estate Winery located on the beachfront in West Kelowna, guests can peruse Frind’s portfolio of wines before thoughtfully deciding upon the five wines that they would like to sample. 

Frind Estate Winery

Guests will be charged only $10 for this “choose-your-own-adventure”, a fee which is then waived once a purchase is made.  Selecting a bottle or case to take away won’t be a challenge here, with many exceptional wines coming in well under $30 a bottle. 

A tasting followed by a stop at their tantalizing bakery, a visit to their outdoor patio for a wood-fired pizza, or stroll down to one of their breezy beach cabanas makes a visit to Frind Estate Winery a smart move. It’s one of the rare places that has the million dollar views and vibes, but yet the wine tastings and wines themselves are approachable and won’t break the bank!

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Kalala Organic Estate Winery

Away from the crowds and the busy wine trails along Boucherie Road, Kalala Organic Estate Winery lands in 8th spot on our list of 10 Kelowna wineries with the lowest tasting fees. Located  on the upper bench of West Kelowna, Kalala Organic Estate Winery has been producing wine from top-quality, organic grapes since 2006 and has been the recipient of many awards since then.  Translating to “Miracle Place”, Kalala Organic Estate Winery miraculously offers tastings for under $10 a person, a nominal fee seldom seen in the Okanagan.

Kelowna Wine & Craft Beer Tours 18

Big, bold red varietals are the feature here, including Malbec, Merlot, and several flavour-packed red blends like their Aspire (a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah) and their Harmony (a blend of Merlot, Zweigelt and Pinot Noir). 

If you are lucky enough, charismatic owner Karnail will be nearby during your visit to the winery and willing to share his tremendous knowledge and experience.  For a fascinating history of the winery and a taste of outstanding wines without breaking the bank, a visit to Kalala in West Kelowna is sure to please!

The Gallery Winery

One of the newest Kelowna wineries on the scene, sister owned and operated, the Gallery Winery is next up on our list of 10 Kelowna wineries with the lowest tasting fees! The Gallery sits perched on a hill overlooking the mountains and glistening Okanagan Lake down below.  Rolling up to the winery itself, the tasting room resembles a magazine-worthy modern farmhouse, with white siding and sharp black finishes. Architecturally, it’s perfectly on point. 

The Gallery Winery in West Kelowna

Equally stunning on the interior, you may want to move right in.  Instead, we suggest making yourself comfortable and cozying up for a tasting of the Gallery’s wines.  At only $8 a person, guests are able to experience four of the Gallery’s daily featured wines, which can also be purchased by the glass to enjoy out on their inviting patio. 

Just one visit and this sister duo will win you over with their passion, zeal, and enthusiasm as they share their inspirational story.  As for the wines, each bottle is adorned with incredible artwork by sister Natasha, and comes with its own unique story.  Sparkling, Ehrenfelser, Riesling, and Merlot are just a few of the wines on offer, and due to their small lot production, you’ll want to stock up on your favourites before you miss out!

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Our experience has shown it be a rare event for a new winery, especially one so nicely appointed as this, to offer such low tasting fees. A breath of fresh air, we welcome the Gallery Winery to our list of 10 Kelowna wineries with the lowest tasting fees.

Meadow Vista Honey Wines

Last but certainly not least on our list of 10 Kelowna wineries with the lowest tasting fees, Meadow Vista Honey Wines has us buzzing with excitement (get it!) The folks at Meadow Vista offer a unique mead tasting experience for only $8 per person which is reduced down to $3 upon purchase. 

A variety of interactive experiences are available here, including bee tours (which can be enjoyed either self-guided or with a guide), as well as a picnic area for lazing the day away over delicious treats from Meadow Vista Bistro. 

Kelowna Wine & Craft Beer Tours 23

Charcuterie, fresh pressed panini, flatbread pizzas, and popcorn make for a great casual outdoor dining experience that the whole family can enjoy.  Showcasing a wide range of unique mead wines, guests will be delighted to learn how beautifully their Cloud Horse, a traditional style mead, pairs with fish, pastas, and picnics. 

Slightly darker in color and boasting autumnal spices, their Mabon mead goes exceptionally well with grilled meats, pumpkin pie, and an evening fire.  For a unique experience under $10, put Meadow Vista Honey Wines on your list of places to visit on your next trip to Kelowna.

Kelowna Wine & Craft Beer Tours 25

There you have it folks, our list of 10 Kelowna wineries with the lowest tasting fees. While the world we live in is undoubtedly becoming pricier at every angle, we hope the information above helps to soften the blow and proves that a Kelowna wine tasting experience need not break the bank. 

Fortunately, the wineries on this list have kept prices at bay, affording guests the opportunity to taste world class wines with room to spare.  Penny pinching be gone, for the Kelowna wine region offers a plethora of exceptional tasting experiences that will leave you feeling like a million bucks!

If you’re looking for more information on the incredible B.C. wine scene, please explore our Kelowna Wine Tours. For those with a more adventurous spirit, we have several amazing Kelowna Adventure Tours to explore in the coming year! Enjoy your time in Kelowna and make sure to visit the Tourism Kelowna Visitor Centre for all the current activities in the city! Enjoy

10 Kelowna Wineries With The Lowest Tasting Fees