6 Best Hamburgers In Kelowna

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6 Best Hamburgers In Kelowna
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Bring it on burger lovers!  Welcome to our list of the 6 best hamburgers in Kelowna! Perhaps a tall order as there are so many Kelowna restaurants putting out a good hamburger these days, but it’s time to narrow down the field.  Separate the good from the bad, the tasty from the bland, we’re not after grease traps here.  This list is all about the best ground chuck Kelowna has to offer and we’ve definitely found some clear winners.  

Brioche buns, sweet homemade relish, smoked bacon, aged cheddar.  Only a few of the staples our top Kelowna burgers need to offer to make our list.  We’re not looking for fast food here, we’re talking burgers made with love!

If you’re a red blooded carnivore and looking for the best burger in the city (with a perfect side to compliment it), look no further.  Welcome to our list of the 6 best hamburgers in Kelowna

Central Kitchen + Bar

No stranger to “best of the best lists”, Central Kitchen makes our list of the 6 best Hamburgers in Kelowna.  A show stopping favourite, Central Kitchen + Bar rocks a lot of dishes, but it’s their hamburgers that steal the show.  Paired with their legendary truffle fries and an electric atmossphere, it’s no wonder their in top spot on our list of the 6 best hamburgers in Kelowna.

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Sticking with the OG, their “Vintage” burger combines their famous classic all beff patty with bacon, aged cheddar, house BBQ Sauce and all the traditional fixings.  Clean, classic and incredibly tasty, this gem continues to be voted the best hamburger in Kelowna!

Always looking to push the envelope, their menu continues to evolve with the seasons.  Another top burger is their “My Boy Blue” burger with a generous helping of blue cheese to go with their seasoned all beef patty.  Rounded out with crispy fried onions, sautéed mushrooms and proscioutto, foodies won’t go wrong here.

Truly a unique atmosphere and featuring an amazing bar with talented mixologists, Central Kitchen + Bar is a “must stop” for anyone visiting Kelowna. 

Bin 4 Burger

Next on our list of the 6 best hamburgers in Kelowna, Bin 4 Burger.  Although a chain restaurant (but not a big one), the focus here is all about the burgers. With a plethora of amazing options, burgers lovers can’t go wrong here.  

Gourmet burgers, housemade aioli, fresh ingredients and a drink list to rival many of the top bars in the city, Bin 4 makes second place on our list of the 6 best hamburger in Kelowna.

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Our personal favourite, Bin 9 “Big Spenny” features a Brant Lake Wagyu patty, aged cheddar, pickles, Bin 4 sauce, smoked bacon, topped with shredded lettuce and tomato.  It’s the “go to” burger of the Vivid Tours team and any burger lover would be in heaven.  

A close second choice would be the Bin 96 Burger “The Bison Burner”.  Featuring rangeland bison, crispy fried onions, house made lime tomatillo hot sauce, lettuce, tomato and jalopeno aioli, true protein lovers will be in heaven with this one.  

Pair your burger with any number of their numerous local beers on tap, and it’s easy to see why Bin 4 Burger lounge makes our list of the 6 best hamburgers in Kelowna.

The Modest Butcher

Coming in 3rd on our list of the 6 best hamburgers in Kelowna is the Modest Butcher Restaurant located at Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery in West Kelowna.  Presenting the decadent “Butchers Burger”, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better example of presentation and execution.  Combined with the gorgeous patio views looking over their vineyard and Okanagan Lake, it’s no wonder the team at The Modest Butcher are consistently held in high regard.

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Truffle mayo and double smoked bacon are great, but it’s the handmade all beef hamburger patty that we’re excited about here.  Just the right amount of seasoning, prepared medium with a hint of pink in the middle.  Capped off with a zingy, homemade mustard, champagne cheddar and a moist bun that’s not too large (this matters so much!), these folks know how to make a burger.  

Paired with their fresh cut fries or house salad, this burger is a show stopper.  Nicely complimented with their Merlot, you’ve got a healthy combination fit for a king.  A staple of so many food lovers, its easy to see why The Modest Butcher makes our list of the 6 best hamburgers in Kelowna.

Train Station Pub

Sliding into fourth place on our list of the 6 best hamburgers in Kelowna, we’re kicking it up a notch with this bold rendition of a fan favourite.  The “Saddle Up” burger offers “punch in your mouth” flavour and paired with their sweet potato fries, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more tasty option in the city.  Featuring a fresh Prime Rib patty, whiskey BBQ sauce, beer mustard and all the trimmings, this burger gets our stamp of approval

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Add to this the casual and historic atmosphere of a real old fashioned train station, and you’ve got an incredible meeting spot to hang out and enjoy their tasty offerings.  As with other restaurants on our list of the 6 best hamburgers in Kelowna, drinks flow easy at the Train Station Pub.  Loads of craft beer are on tap as well as cocktails and of course, Okanagan wine!

Fatburger Kelowna

Next up on our list of the 6 best hamburgers in Kelowna is Fatburger.  While, we’re not a fan of large chains and cookie cutter menus, Fatburger does a good job of standing out from a crowded field.  

Fresh Alberta beef is the key for us, and Fatburger does this well.  And while traditional is typically what we go for, their Hawaiian Cheeseburger is simply delicious.  A 1/3 pound all beef patty, double swiss cheese, maple bacon, pineapple and teriyaki sauce round out this solid burger.  

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The atmosphere is typical and consistent with what you’d expect at a chain restaurant.  Nothing special, yet not offensive either.  It’s a burger joint after all and Fatburger gets full marks for a tasty and satisfying hamburger.  Paired with any number of sides offered, you can’t go wrong at Fatburger.

BNA Burger

For the true hamburger lover, the ones that don’t care about all the fancy garnishes and toppings, the ones that just want a simple, well made burger, we present to you the BNA Burger!  

Like throwing on a pair of well used bluejeans, BNA Burgers just work!  A simple approach, quality ingredients, amazing atmosphere and great beer land this burger shack a solid placing on our list of the 6 best hamburgers in Kelowna.  

The only “smashburger” making our list, the BNA Burger is simple, effective and tasty.  Never over powering and just the right size to compliment a pint or two from their sister company, BNA Brewing, this may just be our favourite “go to” burger on our list of the 6 best hamburgers in Kelowna.

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Smash patty, a slice of American Cheese, lettuce, tomato, special sauce and a potato bun are all that go into making this Kelowna food scene legend.  

BNA Burgers also scores extra marks for their atmosphere, located within BNA Brewing. A staple of the Kelowna dining and brewery scene, BNA offers one of the top choices for sharing pints in the city.  Board games, arcade games, lounging couches and an upstairs bowling alley make the experience at BNA a fan favourite.

For Burger lovers that prefer the DIY option or for those traveling to Kelowna, but with access to a kitchen, we figured we’d include our top choice for prepared but fresh hamburgers.  

TBones Fresh Meal Markets

As one of the best butcher shops in the city, TBones lands the top spot on our list of the 6 best hamburgers in Kelowna.  Walking in to one of their several locations around Kelowna, you’ll notice right away how serious these folks take protein!  

Offering several options of prepared hamburgers, all made with love, there’s something for every taste and price point.  Gourmet beef burgers, Sirloin burgers, Buffalo burgers, Brisket burgers, pretty much any type of hamburger is available in patty form and ready to take home.  

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With the rise of private accommodation providers within Kelowna, many travellers now have access to grills and cooking spaces.  Opting for a night in with friends and family is becoming a popular choice and hamburgers make for an inexpensive and fun option to enjoy this iconic staple of Canadian culture.

6 Kelowna hamburger joints and a DIY option!  While these are our picks for the 6 best hamburgers in Kelowna, there are currently over 40 restaurants in the city offering hamburgers on the menu. Perhaps the burger is making a comeback, or perhaps it never left in the first place.  

As more restaurants focus on fine dining and “fusion” options within the city, we’re proud to champion this simple and iconic food staple that we’ve all grown up on!  Anyone looking for a quality and satisfying Hamburger in Kelowna can’t go wrong with a visit to any of the restaurants mentioned above.  

Enjoy your Kelowna hamburger experience folks!  If you’re looking for more information on other food options such as the best asian noodles in the city, please check out our list of the 7 best noodle restaurants in Kelowna.  Enjoy.

6 Best Hamburgers In Kelowna