7 Best Bakeries In Kelowna

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7 Best Bakeries In Kelowna

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Who doesn’t like baked goods? Welcome to our list of the 7 best bakeries in Kelowna! Is there any aroma more comforting than that of freshly baked bread?  We think not!  When it comes to indulging in baked goods, it only makes sense to seek out the best of the best.  That’s why we’ve composed this list of the 7 best bakeries in Kelowna!

Kelowna has made leaps and bounds in the past few years, with several absolutely standout bakeries sprouting up around town.  So whether you’re seeking Kelowna’s finest bagel, freshest baked bread, flakiest croissant, or most decadent doughnut, this list has got you covered.  Sweet and savoury and everything in between, these bakeries will be sure to satisfy your every desire! Let’s explore the 7 best bakeries in Kelowna.

Sprout Bread

Considered a local institution for everything bread, Sprout makes our list of the 7 best bakeries in Kelowna for its exceptional sourdough loaves alone.  Touting handmade, naturally-fermented bread and indulgent pastries, the exceptional baked goods are matched only by the ultra-friendly staff. 

Offering an assortment of billowy pretzels, crumbly cheddar laden scones, fresh danishes, perfectly crisp cruffins, and flaky croissants, you’ll have trouble landing on just one baked good.  Not to mention, their highly addictive cookies, available in classic chocolate chip or double chocolate chip with salted caramel drizzle. 

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But in truth, it is their bread that steals the show here.  Their rustic, beautifully house-made loaves adorn shelves on display and catch the eye as soon as you walk in.  It’s these very loaves that serve as the foundation to many of their fantastic menu items.  Avocado toast, breakfast sandwiches, grilled cheese and Montreal smoke meat sandwiches are all built upon their iconic sourdough.  Come for the coffee, stay for the sourdough.  Sprout easily earns first place on our list of the 7 best bakeries in Kelowna!

Beat. Patisserie

Beat Patisserie, located in Lake Country, takes its desserts seriously.  So when push comes to shove and only the most immaculate, most exquisite desserts will do, Beat Patisserie has you covered.  This small, independent, women-run pastry shop is dedicated to striving for the very best.  Always using high quality ingredients and using local produce whenever possible, their pursuit of excellence is evident in every single pastry.  

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It was a semester spent abroad at Domaine Les Crayeres, a Michelin Star restaurant in France, where owner Mackenzie fell in love with French desserts.  Their glass-encased display is like a work of art, showcasing expertly crafted macarons, Parisian style croissants, pain au chocolat, plus a variety of danishes and scones. 

Super creative cookies included flourless Mexican Spice, Lemon Shortbread, Funfetti Sugar, and Oatmeal Sour Cherry, to name a few.  Homegrown goods like Nanaimo bars and decadent pecan squares are also available, plus a ridiculously luxurious roasted pecan whiskey brownie, featuring Revelstoke Roasted Pecan Whiskey!  As if all this weren’t enough, Mackenzie also creates custom buttercream cakes for any and every occasion.  Boasting exquisite baked goods with a touch of French flair, Beat Patisserie won’t be leaving our list of the 7 best bakeries in Kelowna anytime soon!

Sandrine French Pastry And Chocolate Shop

Next on our list of the 7 best bakeries in Kelowna is Sandrine! French pastry chef, Sandrine, is owner of this delightful pâtisserie, offering a taste of France in the heart of Kelowna.  An incredible selection of sweet and savoury goods are available, rooted in traditional recipes and showcasing French trends. 

Born and raised in the Beaujolais area of France near Lyon, Sandrine comes from a long line of celebrated French patissiers and chocolatiers.  Upon entering her beautiful and airy shop, expect to be wowed by freshly baked croissants, jaw-dropping cakes, and a colourful assortment of pastries.  Perfectly crafted and fit for a queen, Sandrine’s macaron flavours include pistachio, chocolate, lemon, Earl Grey, raspberry, caramel and rose.  

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A decadent selection of gourmet chocolates are available and made by hand, using only the best European chocolate and finest ingredients. Gelato, sorbet and jams are also available at Sandrine French Pastry & Chocolate, always inspired by flavours of the Okanagan.  Savoury fanatics will swoon over the delicious homemade tourtières and quiches available for takeaway.

Two Donkeys

Two Donkeys is a family run European bakery, offering a taste of Europe in the Okanagan.  Their European-style artisan bread made is made with all-natural, locally sourced ingredients.

A specialty is their hearty German rye bread, made with a traditional sourdough starter and the highest quality organic rye flour.  Several variations of their rye bread are also available, including Black Forest, Bauern Rye (also known as farmer’s bread), and 100% rye bread.  Rye bread is not all that Two Donkeys does well, though!  Sourdough offerings include San Francisco style and cranberry pumpkin seed, while multigrain and French baguettes make the perfect grab and go for dinner. 

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The bakery also produces sensational ciabatta, challah bread, and Swiss Butterzopf (also known as Swiss braided bread).  Those with a sweet tooth can always get their fix, with an assortment of delicious sweets available.  Their coffee rolls, chocolate rolls and coconut macaroons are absolutely divine. 

Delivering a taste of Europe, Two Donkeys also offers incredible Italian Amaretti and German Bienenstich (picture white layered cake filled with vanilla creme and topped with crunchy, caramelized almonds).  Perhaps their most unique offering, however, is their authentic German Nussecken, an incredible combination of caramelized nuts on a buttery shortbread layered with jam and dipped in chocolate. 

One taste of Two Donkey’s Nussecken and you’ll quickly understand why it makes our list of the 7 best bakeries in Kelowna!

350 Bakehouse and Cafe

Up next on our list of the 7 best bakeries in Kelowna is 350 Bakehouse and Cafe. The Dutch owners of 350 Bakehouse and Cafe welcome you for a visit to their bakery, which easily deserves a spot on our list of the best bakeries in Kelowna. 

Originally from the Netherlands and coming from a long line of bakers, 350 Bakehouse has family at the heart of its vision along with a desire to bring the community together over artisan food.  A wide assortment of Dutch classics can be found like Bokkenpootjes, Stroopwafels, and Broodje Kroket. 

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Although the more familiar Stroopwafel has rightfully broken onto the international scene, Bokkenpootjes and Broodje Kroket are perhaps lesser known around the world.  The Dutch household favourite, Bokkenpootjes, translate to goat’s feet, and are named after the shape that they form once baked.  Two almond meringue cookies are sandwiched together with a custard buttercream, while the ends are both dipped in a delicious dark chocolate.  Never have goat’s feet sounded so delicious! 

Those looking for something savoury will fall in love with their Broodje Kroket, a Dutch street food delight you’ll find on just about every street food stall in the Netherlands.  Featuring a soft white roll, zippy mustard, and a crispy, deep-fried meat croquette, this banging little sandwich has even made its way onto McDonald’s menus in Amsterdam. 

As if Dutch street food wasn’t enough, 350 Bakehouse and Cafe also boasts what many consider the city’s best doughnut, with classic sugar or glazed, maple dip, chocolate, jelly-filled, and apple fritter all up for grabs. 

Karat Chocolate and Pastry Boutique

Call it a bakery, call it a chocolate boutique.  Either way, our list of the best bakeries in Kelowna simply wouldn’t be complete without Karat Chocolate and Pastry Boutique.  Few realize that this boutique’s humble beginnings originated in the basement kitchen of West Kelowna’s Mission Hill Winery.  With the support of friends, family, and the community, owner Julian pursued a dream and Karat was born in 2016. 

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Since then, Julian and his team at Karat Chocolate and Pastry Boutique have elevated the pastry scene not just in Kelowna, but across the Okanagan Valley.  Focused on using the freshest, quality ingredients to create exquisite handmade confections, desserts, and pastries, this family-owned business is committed to providing exceptional culinary offerings. 

Adhering to only the highest standards, their confections are nothing short of visual perfection, and outrageously delicious.  Chocolate hazelnut croissants, danishes, and petit fours (also known as French mini cakes) adorn their display windows, but it is their chocolates that are the ultimate showstoppers. 

As if covered in a layer of glass, these perfectly reflective, mirror-like chocolate confections are available in box sets of six, twelve, or twenty-four, and make for the perfect gift.  Sophistication at its best with excellent Phil & Sebastien coffee to boot, Karat Chocolate and Pastry Boutique proudly rounds out our list of the 7 best bakeries in Kelowna.

Honourable Mention: Mount Royal Bagel Factory

We couldn’t finish up our list of the 7 best bakeries in Kelowna without an honourable mention! Because we believe bagels deserve a category of their own, this honourable mention goes to Mount Royal Bagel Factory.  What most consider to be Kelowna’s best bagel, Mount Royal Bagel Factory is your one stop shop for fresh house made bagels, a wide array of delicious cream cheeses and spreads, and an assortment of bagel sandwiches (pro tip: take your bagel sandwich to the next level and order it grilled).

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Let’s face it…we’re not all born bakers.  But with all the wonderful bakeries available right at our fingertips in Kelowna, there’s no need for a homemade baking blunder. Exceptional bagels, fresh baked bread, flaky croissants, pillowy doughnuts, highly addictive cookies and world class chocolate confections are just a few of the outstanding baked goods this city has to offer.  Savoury, sweet and everything in between, this list will be sure to impress as it takes you around the world and back. Enjoy!

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7 Best Bakeries In Kelowna