Ultimate Half Day West Kelowna Wine Tour

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Ultimate Half Day West Kelowna Wine Tour

Rocking the ultimate half day West Kelowna wine tour, we’re brining you our list of the most popular 4 hour wine tour experience in Kelowna!

West Kelowna is a stunning wine region all its own, just a short drive across the bridge from downtown Kelowna!  If you’re in search of stunning landscapes, rolling vineyards, vast lake and mountain views, then look no further.  Quickly emerging as the region’s hotspot, West Kelowna is home to an assortment of incredible wineries, ranging from quaint, family run wineries and hidden gems off the beaten path, to sprawling and grandiose estate wineries.  Where stunning architecture meets the great outdoors, we can’t think of a better location to bring you our list of the ultimate half day West Kelowna wine tour.

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Packed to the brim with award winning wineries, determining exactly which ones to visit can feel daunting, especially when time is limited. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, outlining the ultimate half day West Kelowna wine tour!

There are a lot of reasons to opt for a half day wine tour as opposed to a full day experience.  Perhaps you’re going to be out late the evening before, and you wish to enjoy a half day tour that begins in the afternoon the following day.  This option allows you to sleep in until your heart’s content and maybe even soak up some pool time before getting on your way. 

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Alternatively, perhaps you have dinner plans in the evening and are looking for a morning wine tour that leaves your afternoon entirely freed up!  No matter what your reason, a half day tour can be a great way to take in a great selection of wineries without occupying your entire day.  

Most ultimate half day West Kelowna wine tours typically run for about 4 hours and include tastings and visits at 4 wineries, offering 16-20 individual tastings in all. Although it is undoubtedly a faster paced experience, it offers the ultimate flexibility and opens up your day to a world of possibilities!  

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When looking for the ultimate half day West Kelowna wine tour, there are a number of factors to consider when determining which wineries to visit.  First, you’ll want to be sure to visit wineries that offer the types of wines you enjoy.  Therefore, researching winery portfolios ahead of time will pay off once you’re at the wineries.  In contrast, novice wine drinkers may wish to visit wineries that offer a little bit of everything.  A diversified portfolio can allow beginners to explore the vast world of wines and hopefully hone in on a favourite varietal!

Without a doubt, the quality of wines and types of wines offered must be taken into account.  But second to the wines themselves are the incredible views that so many wineries boast!  Just about any West Kelowna wine tour will afford you breathtaking views of rolling vineyards, lake and mountains.  Taking these primary factors into consideration, lets dig into our list of the ultimate half day West Kelowna wine tour

Volcanic Hills Estate Winery:

Volcanic Hills Estate Winery is a popular winery in West Kelowna and is the first stop on our list of the ultimate half day West Kelowna wine tour. Known for its vineyards situated on the volcanic slopes of Mount Boucherie and its wide selection of wines.  Located on the west side of Okanagan Lake, offering a unique terroir and climate for the production of high quality wines.  Their grapes thrive in the sandy loam, clay and limestone soils rich in volcanic rock and mineral deposits.  Estate grown varietals include Gamay, Gewürztraminer, Zweigelt, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Marechal Foch and Riesling.

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Working closely with long time growers in Osoyoos, Volcanic Hills Estate Winery is proud to showcase some of the biggest and boldest reds that West Kelowna has to offer.  Take for example, their signature wine, “Eruption”, a beautiful Bordeaux-style blend featuring Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec, which will please the most discerning of red wine lovers.

Their newly renovated tasting room is a chic, cozy spot to delve into their portfolio of wines.  With some of the friendliest and welcoming staff in the region, Volcanic Hills tastings are informative, engaging, and upbeat. A class act all around, Volcanic Hills is a welcome edition to our 2023 list of the ultimate half day West Kelowna wine tour.

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Should you find yourself at Volcanic Hills on the last stop of your half day tour, you’ll be pleased to discover that their wines pair perfectly with their winery restaurant, Vino Italiano.  Think dishes like spaghetti vongole, chicken parmesan, or lasagna paired with a sumptuous glass of your favourite Volcanic Hills red wine.  What better way to end a fantastic half day wine tour in West Kelowna!

Mt Boucherie Estate Winery

Next on our list of the ultimate half day West Kelowna wine tour, Mt Boucherie Estate Winery is a highly acclaimed winery located in West Kelowna. Known for its stunning vineyard location on the slopes of Mount Boucherie overlooking the lake, this winery does not dissapoint!  With a sleek, state of the art tasting room and stellar wines to match, this is a prerequisite stop on the Westside Wine Trail!  

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With a commitment to producing high-quality wines, Mt Boucherie reveals a line of sophisticated wines with often playful names.  “Graves Robber”, for example, is a fan favourite amongst the staff and locals alike, bursting with flavours of fuzzy peach and tropical fruits.  Ranging from ultra affordable to splurge-worthy wines, this winery truly offers something for everyone. 

From big age-worthy collectables to fresh wines ready for early consumption, there really is a wine for every palate and every budget.  Their highly-touted Bordeaux-blend, “Contessa” has gained a sort of cult following, showing just how robust a wine the Okanagan Valley is capable of producing.

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A tasting at Mt Boucherie is an experience unlike any other, taking place in an ultra modern, light and bright space overlooking the lake and vineyards.  Sprawling out onto a sunlit patio, a tasting at Mt Boucherie can very easily turn into a long and lingered afternoon enjoying wines and snacking over charcuterie.

Just above their tasting room sits the Modest Butcher Restaurant.  But don’t let the name fool you — there is nothing modest about the offerings here!  Notorious for their Tomahawk Tuesdays, the Modest Butcher has carved itself out as not only a great spot to enjoy a casual afternoon over a pint with friends, but also as the prime destination for special occasions.  Made better only by the friendliest staff around, we can think of no better way to end a wine tour in West Kelowna than on the patio at Modest Butcher, enjoying a crisp glass of white while basking in the Okanagan sun!

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The Hatch:

A peek into the Hatch is a peek into the mind of the great Jason Parkes.  Part of the Jason Parkes Customs conglomeration of properties along the Westside Wine Trail, the Hatch is a highly distinctive and unconventional winery located in West Kelowna. A solid choice on our list of the ultimate half day West Kelowna wine tour, known for its quirky and artistic approach to winemaking and wine tasting. 

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With the most down to earth staff and funkiest tasting room in the Okanagan Valley, the Hatch takes a whimsical and playful approach to their wines, labels, and the overall winery experience, making everyone feel perfectly welcomed and at home.

When it comes to their portfolio of wines, expect playful names rooted in a fascinating backstory, which their tasting room staff are keen to share with guests.  Their wine labels are distinctive and often feature artwork that tells a story or conveys a sense of humor, contributing to the winery’s uniqueness. The labels for Hatch wines are created by artist Paul Morstad.

A tasting at the Hatch makes you feel like a real insider, learning fun factoids and interesting tidbits that can only be gleaned by an actual visit to the winery and a chat with one of their ultra cool tasting associates. The Hatch offers a diverse range of wines, including deep dark reds, cool crisp whites, and fruity rosés that make this winery at staple on our list of the ultimate half day West Kelowna wine tour. Perhaps most well known for their official house wine, you will surely fall in love with “B. Yanco”, their highly quaffable white blend.

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If you enjoy your visit to the Hatch, consider stopping by any number of the other highly unique, intensely captivating Jason Parkes properties — Black Swift Vineyards, the Hatching Post, Crown & Thieves and Truck 59 Ciderhouse are all easily accessible along the Westside Wine Trail and all worth checking out!

Frind Estate Winery:

Last on our list of the ultimate half day West Kelowna wine tour is Frind Estate Winery. The self-proclaimed first beach winery in North America, the property is situated on the historic Bennett Property in West Kelowna.  The property was purchased by owner Markus Frind in 2017, after selling his company, Plenty of Fish. 

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With a desire to do something more hands-on and with over 500 years of family farming history, Markus wanted to combine his two passions — technology and agriculture.  Today, Frind Estate Winery is one of the most advanced wineries in the world, using cutting edge technology to create truly distinctive wines.

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 The stunning lakefront property was the home of former BC Premier, Bill Bennett, which now serves as the winery’s chic tasting room.  But what really sets Frind Estate Winery apart is the fact that is accessible by boat (or stand up paddle board, if that’s your thing)!  Out on the sprawling estate lawn is Annie’s Beach Cafe, equipped with a wood-fired pizza oven and a wonderful patio for lounging. 

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Down by the waterfront, you’ll find a picturesque beach front, studded with dreamy cabanas.  On many evenings, live musicians offer a soothing acoustic backdrop — combine that with a bottle of Frind Sparkling Brut, friends, laughter, and an Okanagan sunset, herein lies a truly magical ambience that cannot be matched!

A half day wine tour in West Kelowna is the perfect way to capture everything that the Okanagan embodies — world class wines, unbeatable views, and delectable cuisine.  While there are over a dozen wineries along the Westside Wine Trail, the 4 listed above represent the very essence of the Okanagan wine scene.

New wineries continue to pop up in the area and the future is bright. We hope you’ve enjoyed our list for 2023 of the ultimate half day West Kelowna wine tour and look forward to what 2024 has to offer. Enjoy!

To learn more about all tour options along the Westside wine trail, please check out our West Kelowna Wine Tours.

Ultimate Half Day West Kelowna Wine Tour