Ultimate Kelowna Bachelorette Wine Tour

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Ultimate Kelowna Bachelorette Wine Tour

Ultimate Kelowna Bachelorette Wine Tour

Ok ladies, it’s time to plan the ultimate Kelowna bachelorette Wine Tour! Kelowna, British Columbia is the leading bachelorette destination in Canada and for good reason. Lake life, mountain life, wine life, Kelowna has it all. Throw in endless sunshine, warm temperatures and hardly any rain and it’s easy to see why Kelowna continues to be the “go to” place in Canada for ladies to celebrate and let loose before their big day!

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With an International airport and all major air carriers offering routes into the city, you can typically enjoy an Okanagan sunset within hours of leaving home from just about anywhere in the country. If you’re looking for a road trip, there are several major highways leading to Kelowna and it’s also one of the most picturesque drives in the country! Accessibility to Canada’s favourite bachelorette destination will not be a problem!

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Carefully planning the ultimate Kelowna bachelorette wine tour is easier than you think, although it’s important to ensure you’ve covered all the details. In this article we break down everything you’ll need to consider to make this bachelorette experience a memorable one. Let’s go!

Why Kelowna For Your Bachelorette?

Kelowna wine country offers the best wine tour opportunities in Canada. Uniquely positioned in the world famous Okanagan Valley, the scenery, climate, night life, accommodations and of course the wineries are quite simply amazing. A small city with a big personality, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in a vacation destination. There are many amazing resources you can utilize when planning your trip. Our top choice would be Tourism Kelowna which offers host of information about beaches, accommodations, dining options, boat rentals, nightlife and just about everything else there is to do in the city.

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What Time Of Year Is Best For My Bachelorette Wine Tour?

It really depends on your schedule and when your gal pals can all make the the trip. Ultimate Kelowna bachelorette wine tours are available year round, but the summer months from May long weekend through the beginning of September is prime time!

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Spring is becoming an increasingly popular time to host your ultimate Kelowna bachelorette wine tour. Even though the vineyards are still budding and beginning to green, and the temperatures are still cool (although warming quickly), April and May are hard to beat for letting loose at Okanagan wineries. With less traffic at each vineyard, you’ll have more time to chat with their wine ambassador team, learn about the wines you’ll be tasting and enjoy un-rushed experiences in their vineyards. If you’re looking for the ultimate Kelowna bachelorette wine tour, this may be a solid choice to beat the crowds.

Weekends around the May long weekend are perfect and as this is the unofficial kick off to summer, you’ll likely find more options available in the city for other activities over this weekend.

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Summer tours are going to provide the best opportunity for warm days and sunshine, with wineries open for the longest hours of the year. The long days of the Okanagan summer also offer more time for activities after your tour such as heading out on the lake, exploring downtown nightlife, dining out etc. Taking a summer tour also provides great opportunities for vineyard photos as the vines grow thick, providing an amazing backdrop to capture your memories.

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If you’re looking at a summer tour, make sure you dress for the heat. While many wineries provide misters and cool down areas, it’s going to be hot! We’ll cover what to wear on your ultimate Kelowna bachelorette wine tour later in this article.

Fall bachelorette wine tours, while less popular than summer tours, offer the best opportunities for exploring vineyards as grapes begin to ripen and wineries are getting ready for the harvest. This is the “magical time” at most Okanagan wineries. Cool mornings, warm afternoons and less intense sunshine make this the most comfortable time of year to let your hair down and celebrate the bride to be.

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If heading out for your ultimate Kelowna bachelorette wine tour in the fall, don’t forget to try a grape from the vine. Once they begin to ripen and sugars concentrate, you’ll have the opportunity to taste wine grapes directly off the vine. Make sure to ask permission first though from either the winery staff or your wine tour guide. Our personal favourite for sampling off the vine are Pinot Noir, Reisling and Merlot.

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We can’t forget winter as an option for your ultimate Kelowna bachelorette wine tour either. While the warm breezes of the summer won’t be present, there’s something pretty special about being with your closest friends at a winery while the snow falls outside. This is also the best time for one on one attention from the winery staff as you’ll likely have each property all to yourself.

Group Size

A consideration that is often overlooked when planning the ultimate Kelowna bachelorette wine tour is your group size. In past years this may not have been a problem, but as all Kelowna wineries have now moved to a “reservation only” basis, they are limiting the size of groups. This decision has been made with the best of intentions as smaller groups allow wineries to focus on a more personal experience and really dive into the portfolio of their wines. Overall, it’s a positive move that enhances your tour.

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Due to the reservations model, some wineries have begun turning away bachelorette groups, while others are rolling out the red carpet and welcoming them with open arms. The good news…..most of the wineries turning away bachelorette groups weren’t well setup for providing the best bachelorette experience anyways. It’s never good to be asked to “quiet down” or limit the fun, so by focusing on attending wineries that work well with larger bachelorette wine tour groups, you’ll ensure the best experience possible and keep that “fun train” rolling!


Planning your ultimate Kelowna bachelorette wine tour experience comes down to ensuring all the finer details are covered! Choosing the best wine tour operator, winery itinerary and tour location comes down to several factors, but your groups budget tends to be the largest one. Prices can vary significantly across the Okanagan and on the surface it can be difficult to know exactly what you’ll be getting for your money.

Not all tours, or for that matter, tour companies are created equal. If you’re planning the ultimate Kelowna bachelorette wine tour, you deserve to know exactly what’s included in the tour to ensure the best experience ever!

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Work with your group to form a budget and then reach out to wine tour operators and make sure they provide all details of the tour. Are there any special perks included to make the day special? What wineries will you be visiting? Are the experiences elevated? What tour vehicle will you be riding in? What types of guides do they have / are they young or old? Asking these questions upfront will likely provide a range of options and budgets allowing your group to make an informed decision based on budget.

Typically, bachelorette wine tours range from $149 – $169 for half day tours and $169 – $199 for full day tours. Remember, you get what you pay for and cheaper is not always better. Here is our top choice for the ultimate Kelowna bachelorette wine tour. This tour includes several “perks’ that makes the day extra special!

Half Day or Full Day Tour?

You’ll have the option of choosing either a half day or full day bachelorette wine tour experience. Both offer an incredible day in Kelowna wine country and the choice may just come down to what else is planned for the day or weekend getaway.

For example, if you’re going to be out late the evening before, you may want to look at a half day tour that begins in the afternoon. The flexibility to sleep in our lounge by the pool in the morning might make the afternoon a better experience. Or perhaps you have dinner plans in the evening and are looking for a morning wine tour to create an amazing wine experience, snap those photos, party with your gal pals and then head back to get ready.

Half day tours typically run for 4 hours and include tastings / visits to 4 vineyards. It’s a faster paced experience to be sure but offers ultimate flexibility.

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Full day tours (typically 6-7 hours), offer the best value and a more relaxing, un-rushed experience. These tours typically visit 5 wineries / vineyards and appointments last 45 minutes each allowing you to really sit back and enjoy each property. Most wineries on your ultimate Kelowna bachelorette wine tour will pour 5 tastings each, so a full day tour may have up to 25 tastings included.

Full day Kelowna wine tours also include a stop at a gorgeous winery bistro for a relaxing lunch. Make sure to connect with your wine tour operator and request a table overlooking the vineyard to the ultimate experience.

Make Sure Your Wine Tour Guide Has Energy (and fits your vibe!)

Guides matter….a lot! Remember, you’re looking for the ultimate Kelowna bachelorette wine tour and keeping the energy high is just as important as the wineries you’ll be visiting. Look for a wine tour operator that guarantees a younger, high energy guide that will make the day extra special. Most tour guides are retired or older and while they provide great experiences, you’re trying to create the perfect day.

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If your bachelorette group is all under 30 years old for example, having a 70 year old guide may not be the best fit. From music choice to relatability, you’ll be spending more time with your guide than anyone else, so being on the same page is important to the overall experience. Get confirmation from your wine tour company that you’ll have a young, energetic guide that will keep the vibe of the day going from beginning to end!

Wineries Matter, Choose Wisely! (some don’t want bachelorette’s)

It’s important to know exactly what wineries you’ll be visiting on your ultimate Kelowna bachelorette wine tour. Across the valley, there are so many amazing wineries, yet, not all of them provide the best experience for bachelorette groups. This is YOUR day so finding the right fit ensures a seamless tour that allows you to “let your hair down”, have fun with your friends, get a little loud and have the perfect wine tour experience. Being told to “be quiet” is not the way to enjoy the day. Here is our pick of a few wineries that offer exceptional experiences for bachelorette wine tours in Kelowna.

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The Hatch Winery: Unpretentious, approachable, down to earth. This is a “go to” location for bachelorette’s looking to get loud and proud, while still enjoying an amazing wine tasting experience and learning about their wines. The folks at the Hatch winery just get it. Wine is to be enjoyed with friends and family, and the casual atmosphere at this West Kelowna winery make this a fan favourite.

O’Rourke’s Peak Cellars: Home to some of the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the Okanagan, the casual and welcoming atmosphere at this Lake Country winery is perfect for celebrating your bachelorette. Offering tastings for bachelorette groups in their tank hall, this private tasting option makes your crew feel extra special and allows an environment to ask questions to winery associates one on one.

O’Rourke Peak Cellars is also the perfect lunch stop for full day tours with their Garden Bistro providing tasty “farm to table” dishes with a patio that borders their rolling vineyards. For large groups looking for even more privacy, their Pergola is set away from the main winery and restaurant creating a special spot for your group to enjoy lunch and soak up the Okanagan sunshine!

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Frind Estate Winery: Set on the shores of Okanagan Lake, this beachfront winery (the only of it’s kind in North America), offers one of the best locations for chilling with your bachelorette crew! Offering one of the largest wine portfolios in the city and arguably the tastiest bubbly, Frind Estate Winery is a staple of most bachelorette wine tours. Once the tasting is done, head down to the beach, relax in one of their covered waterfront daybeds or pop some bubbly with your friends. Photo opportunities with mountain and lake views are a great way to complete this stop along the ultimate Kelowna bachelorette wine tour.

What Do You Wear On Ultimate Kelowna Bachelorette Wine Tour?

It’s time for summer dresses and floppy hats ladies! Well, sort of. We’re all for dressing up and even and even a few outfit changes throughout the day (you’ll have privacy and room to change in your tour van or winery washroom), but remember that comfort matters. The Okanagan sunshine and heat has a way of wearing wine lovers down throughout the day so make sure to dress appropriately. We love jeans, but in the height of summer, you’ll be wishing you grabbed that dress.

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Summer dresses, sun hats and flats are all solid choices. Don’t ever feel that you have to overdo it, this day is about YOU and you’ll want to be comfortable as you celebrate on the wine trails. Gone are the days of “appropriate clothing” and protocol when visiting wineries. These days it’s all about comfort!

Tour Company Vehicles – Not All Are Created Equal

Your ultimate Kelowna bachelorette wine tour should include pick up and drop off from your Kelowna hotel or accommodation and it’s important to know what vehicle you’ll be touring in. There are several choices of vehicles from different tour companies and while all have their place, luxury vans are where it’s at. Sure luxury SUV’s sound great, but trying to fit all of your crew into the back rows of an SUV with limited leg room and a standard roof height is simply not practical for a day of wine touring. Comfort matters! Opt for a luxury van such as the Mercedes Benz Sprinter or Ford Transit and ensure it includes leather interior and a custom audio system.

Most vehicles now offer bluetooth connectivity, and having control of the playlist and volume are key to rocking out with your girls. The vans mentioned above should also feature a high roof, allowing you to stand, increasing your comfort especially if you’re wearing heels. Make sure the tour operator has plenty of USB charging cables to keep those phones ready for photos and videos throughout the day.

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It’s also important to inquire on the age of the tour vehicle. Older vehicles will have a hard time keeping cool in the hot Okanagan sun and air conditioning is one of the most important features of your tour vehicle. Make sure it’s ice cold, this is not the day to be sticking to seats or uncomfortable!

Perks To Make The Tour Even More Special

VIP all the way! That’s the bar you should be setting for your ultimate Kelowna bachelorette wine tour! Take your experience to the next level by looking for wine tour packages that offer something extra. Perhaps it’s an additional wine tasting or access to “members only” areas of a winery. Work with your tour operator to plan an experience that you’ll never forget. Most tour companies won’t go the extra mile, so this is your chance to make sure they do!

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Dedicated bachelorette wine tour packages that include several bottles of bubbly, vineyard toasts for the bride and bluetooth karaoke in the van set the bar high and you should expect nothing less. While there may be many highlights of the day, it’s tough to beat your tour guide leading you to a private area in the vineyard and performing a toast to the bride. These are the moments you’ll cherish forever and it’s the little perks like these that separate a good tour from a great one!

Accommodations – Location, Location, Location!

Your girls weekend getaway includes more than just the ultimate Kelowna bachelorette wine tour. With other activities to plan, the location of your accommodation can be one of the most important factors to consider.

Downtown Kelowna is always a strong bet with it’s proximity to nightlife, restaurants, walking trails and the lake and you should explore several options. Top hotel choices such as the Delta Grand Okanagan Resort, The Royal Anne hotel and Hotel Zed are popular choices and put you in the centre of all the action. If Airbnb’s are more your style, check out the options at Discover Bay Resort and Waterscapes. Both offer immediate access to Okanagan Lake and are just a few minutes walk from the most popular restaurants, bars and cafe’s.

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If you’re planning your trip during the hot summer months and a beach day is on the agenda, look for a hotel or accommodation along the Lakeshore. Hotel Eldorado and the Manteo Resort are top choices as are Playa Del Sol and The Shore Kelowna. Offering immediate access to both Gyro and Rotary beaches, sun lovers will find this location hard to beat.

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Well ladies, there you have it. Planning the ultimate Kelowna bachelorette wine tour just got a little easier. Enjoy your special day, plan wisely, have a ton of fun and create those memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy!