10 Amazing Food Trucks In Kelowna

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10 amazing food trucks in kelowna
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Who loves street food! Welcome to our list of 10 amazing food trucks in Kelowna for 2024. Summer in the Okanagan is unlike any other.  Days are filled with boating, hiking, wine touring, relaxing afternoons at the beach and road trips. However, these glorious sun-soaked months don’t last forever, which is why we make it our mission to savour every last bit of it. 

To fuel this mission, a fleet of life-saving food trucks pop up around the city, making it easy to grab a quick bite on-the-go.  In fact, Kelowna’s food truck scene has never been better!  The bonus?  These delicious, quick n’ easy meals also tend to be a little easier on the wallet.  Summer doesn’t last forever, but as long as the sun is shining, these incredible food trucks are dishing up their highly addictive fare.  Here we present our list of 10 amazing food trucks in Kelowna that you absolutely must try.

Okanagan Turkish Bites

Delicious Turkish food to go?  Say no more!  The lovely folks at Okanagan Turkish Bites, located at 2190 Cooper Road, are doling out all of the Turkish favourites.  Turkish donair wraps, pitas and shish kebabs are easily the most popular items, available in chicken, lamb or beef. 

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Those looking to try something different should spring for their lahmacun, basically a Turkish flatbread pizza, topped with minced meat, minced vegetables, and a variety of herbs and spices. 

Their pagca, or Turkish cheese buns, also make for a super easy and ultra satisfying grab and go item.  Whatever you do, a visit to Okanagan Turkish Bites wouldn’t be complete without giving their fresh made baklava a try…some of the best we’ve found in Kelowna!  

The food truck scene can get crowded in Kelowna, but Okanagan Turkish Bites earns it’s place on our list of 10 amazing food trucks in Kelowna

YLW Tacos 

Next on our list of the top 10 best food trucks in Kelowna is YLW Tacos.  Proteins include chicken, ground beef, spicy chorizo sausage, pan fried fish, and our personal favourite, pork belly, plus veggie and sweet potato, all of which can be enjoyed in taco or burrito format for your eating pleasure. 

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Quesadilla’s are also on the docket, and for a heavier dish, their lunch plate serves up a side of rice alongside all the fixings.  Visit these folks across the highway from Costco to find out why they easily land on our list of 10 amazing food trucks in Kelowna!

The Bone Yard Bar-B-Q & Grilling Co 

Bring on the BBQ! Our list of 10 amazing food trucks in Kelowna wouldn’t be complete without an authentic BBQ offering! Your tastebuds will be convinced you’re in the deep south, digging into any one of the authentic BBQ plates offered at the Bone Yard Bar-B-Q & Grilling Co food truck. 

Located at 1655 Leckie Road, dainty dishes aren’t a thing here.  Take “Meat the Beast” as a prime example: this juicy, meaty grilled beef burger is loaded with slow smoked pulled pork and crispy bacon, and topped with an onion ring for good measure. 

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Did we mention the burger is garnished with their famous ribs?  Just when we weren’t convinced ribs could function as a garnish, Bone Yard Bar-B-Q proves us wrong.  By no means is this over-the-top burger the only item available, but it certainly paints a picture as to why Bone Yard Bar-B-Q & Grilling Co, is a must visit on our list of the best food trucks in Kelowna!

Laneway Canteen

Conveniently located right downtown and only a stone’s throw from the beach, Laneway Canteen sneaks its way onto our list of 10 amazing food trucks in Kelowna.  Tucked away on a side alley, you might think you’ve stumbled upon a hidden gem.  But don’t be fooled — this hot spot is no secret, and has been well loved by locals and visitors alike ever since its inception! 

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Perfect for patio season, this jaunt serves up tasty tacos, burritos, chips, guacamole and salsa, plus perfectly frothy and refreshing margaritas.  Our advice: grab your picnic blanket and swing by here en route to the beach for the perfect Okanagan afternoon! A staple of the Kelowna food scene, this swanky gem lands itself on our list of 10 amazing food trucks in Kelowna

Bunny Hugs Fresh Food Collective

Next on our list of 10 amazing food trucks in Kelowna, Bunny Hugs! The folks at Bunny Hugs Fresh Food Collective say it best with their motto, “Love your food, love your life.”  It really is that simple.  Comfort food is the speciality at this West Kelowna based food truck, and we welcome it with arms wide open. 

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Their Sriracha Fried Cauliflower Bites with ginger aioli are addicting little nuggets, and pair perfectly with their South Korean Sandwich served on a pretzel bun.  Mac n’ cheese, jerk chicken caesar wraps, poutine, and breakfast sandwiches round out their offerings, all of which will surely bring a smile to your face.  With food so good it makes you happy, check out Bunny Hugs Fresh Food Collective to see why it firmly sits on our list of 10 amazing food trucks in Kelowna.

Little Tokyo Ramen

Every foodie loves Ramen! Next on our list of 10 amazing food trucks in Kelowna, Little Tokyo Ramen. Found at Barn Owl Brewing on 4629 Lakeshore Road, Little Tokyo Ramen is next up on our list of the top 10 best food trucks in Kelowna.  Not surprisingly, ramen is the star of the show here with six different variations to choose from. 

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Noodles are handmade and broths made from scratch, so you can count on a high quality bowl of ramen for under $20.  Best of all, ramen is perfectly suited for takeaway.  So whether you’re coming or going, Little Tokyo Ramen is well worth a stop if you’re in the area!

Kitchen Party Grilled Cheese 

Located at 1760 K.L.O Road, Kitchen Party Grilled Cheese is a shoo-in on our list of 10 amazing food trucks in Kelowna. After all, who doesn’t love grilled cheese?  A few easy steps and you’re on your way to a knock-your-socks-off, ooey, gooey, grilled cheese sandwich. 

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First, you’ll choose between white, sourdough or multigrain bread.  Then you’ll have a more challenging decision to make, with five drool worthy variations to choose from including cheese, bacon and mayo, brie and blueberry, mac and cheese, or Hawaiian.  No matter which sandwich you opt for, their creamy tomato basil soup is excellent for dipping (if that’s your thing).  This is one Kitchen Party you won’t want to miss!

The Spot

With a constantly changing address, check out their Instagram @thespotfoodtruckkelowna to locate this food truck, up next on our list of 10 amazing food trucks in Kelowna.  The Spot has a diversified menu, offering something for every palate. 

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The inspiration behind their menu is worldwide travel, which explains why you’ll find a Vietnamese Lemon Grass Noodle Bowl next to a Shrimp Po’ Boy Sandwich.  If their reviews tell you anything, it’s that these folks serve up one of the best crispy chicken sandwiches around.  Served on a brioche slider with bacon, mayo, tomatoes and lettuce, their crispy chicken is deep fried before being slathered in a New York butter.  Their Crack Pepper Parm Fries make for the perfect accompaniment.

Leroy’s Street Eats

We’ve all had those late nights where just about the only appropriate way to cap it off is with a delicious, greasy burger.  Enter in Leroy’s Street Eats, conveniently located next to the OK Corral at 1978 Kirschner Road. 

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A wonderful couple own this food truck which is lovingly named after their dachshund, Leroy.  Although their burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches steal the show, Leroy’s Perogies and farmers sausage are also outstanding and fairly priced.  Stop by this food truck for crave-worthy street eats, and say hello to dachshund Leroy when you do!

Mex-Kelowna Tacos

Westbank based Mex-Kelowna Tacos rounds out our list of 10 amazing food trucks in Kelowna.  Owner Eduardo makes each visit to this truck a memorable occasion for guests, engaging them with a history of his cuisine and expertly guiding them in their selections.

 Boasting a table of scratch made sauces ranging in heat levels, Eduardo steers guests in the right direction to ensure his authentic tacos are perfectly matched to each individual palate.  Ordering the barbacoa is always a smart decision, and Eduardo will likely insist you try his Cilantro Consomé, a special broth that is just as satisfying to drink on its own as it is to dip your tacos in. 

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Try asking for the recipe and you’ll be told it’s a secret family recipe! Rounding out our list of 10 amazing food trucks in Kelowna, be sure to visit Eduardo for some of the Westside’s best tacos!   

It doesn’t get any better than summertime in the Okanagan.  Time with family and friends soaking up the sun and the great outdoors is made even better by the vibrant food truck scene that emerges during the warmer months. 

Ultra convenient and typically easier on the wallet, the delicious fare at these outposts rival dishes found at even the most upscale restaurants in town.  We hope this list of 10 amazing food trucks in Kelowna comes in handy as you work your way through all of the incredible offerings in and around Kelowna this summer! Enjoy!

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10 Amazing Food Trucks In Kelowna